hi all, i'm going to be starting next semester at wintec and need a laptop that will last a few years

what i'm after is something that has the radeon X700 graphics card, at least 512MB Ram or 1GB if possible, at least 60+ GB hdd, dvd reader/writer, i will be needing to use broadband internet on it, so if someone can explain if i need to buy an external broadband modem etc would be appreciated, not too worried about processor but anything AMD is preferred, screen size and aesthetics aren't a real issue

while i'm here i would also like to ask if it's possible to get a laptop cheaper without windows XP installed on it as i already have a copy for this desktop, or no real diff. ?

budget is about 3k, but the cheaper the better as i may fall a few hundred short of that, so say $2700-2800

thanks all