I have a HP Pavillion DV7-1019tx notebook, but lately the supplied battery has been experiencing reduced life (about an hour use on full charge), so I guess it's time to replace the battery. I have found a 12cell battery replacement (HP don't list 12 cells, only a 6 or 8 cell for this model) which claims to have longer run time.
Can someone please advise me on the risk of using non 'genuine' batteries constitutes a risk (has a 12 month warrentee, New Zealand supplier), e.g. over heating, failure e.t.c.
Are they of inferrior quality ie shorter life expectancy (current battery has lasted just over 2 years)
As it claims to put out 14.8v in stead of the standard 10.8v, will this damage or shorten the life of the notebook or be a problem for the standard power pack to charge?

It would be nice to have extended running time but I also want reliability!