Hi there.
Ive had some issues with ligit email going into the xtra/yahoo spamfilter.....
But wait, my yahoo spamfilter(spamguard) is turned off & has been since the 1st week that xtra went over to Yahoo.

It seems , Yahoo, in there infinite wisdom have decided not to allow the spamfilter to be turned off. Even though you turn it 'off' it will still be enabled

I rang the helpdesk, there response is I have to 'train' the spamfilter, despite the fact its turned off.

Just what is going on. The biggest ISP in NZ has one of the worst email services in NZ. Its a disgrace.
Ive been willing to put up with email delays & outages, but this is the last straw. I shouldnt have to logon to webmail each day to check whats gone onto the spamfilter (that is turned off)
I have never had an real issue with spam (average of maybee 4 per week)