Yesterday I attended a rather large music event in Auckland where I took a very large amount of photographs with the LG NX225

Usually when my camera is full and is unable to take more pictures I upload all my 'In Camera" photos to my Webfolder , but yesterday due to what I assume was excessive usage, the Telecom Photo Folder system was down for some reason.

So, I transferred the 'In Camera Photos" to the internal 'Saved to phone" memory so I could delete the existing ones and take more pics.

When I looked at the 'Saved to phone" pictures I found that I was unable to upload or send them to anyone (basically I cant do anything external with them, but they are still there).

So does anyone know of some method for me to make them available to send  ( special hidden keys etc) ?

I am assuming also that I should be able to retreive them using a data cable.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

(ps, Muse was my band of the day)