A great example of a reasonable offer which is badly marketed.

What did they not just say "FREE PHONE on 12 month flexi mytime" as that's what it basically is.
Actually it's better, they are paying you $1 to take the phone.

You pay $49 for the phone and they put a $50 credit on your account in return for a Flexi Mytime plan on a 12 month contract. (minimum payable over 12 months = $360)

They have has some better offers previously on this plan, a free Sanyo 6600 and a free Samsung w531 earlier in the year.

Parrrk, Squaaark, Buy me fone, Squaaark.

But of course if you have a look at the useless Telecom Website "Latest offers" it still shows the "Free Sanyo 6600 on a 24 month Flexi ANYTIME contract" offer which expired yesterday. (second link is dead now)

UPDATE YOUR WEBSITE! and while you are at it, SACK the useless company whom is doing the development and updates, it's getting to be pretty embarrasing.