On August 5th, I went to a Telecom/Spark branch to port my number from 2degrees prepay. I was informed it would take 4-48 hours for the change to occur.

Jump to two days after (August 7th) and my number is still with 2degrees. I was informed after calling Spark that the sim number on my 2degrees was incorrectly typed in. After giving the call rep, the correct number combination, I was told to wait 4 hours.

The next day (August 8th) my phone remained with 2degrees. Another call to Spark and was surprised to be told that the date set to port my number was August 13th. I asked why and she didn't know. She told me she will send an urgent email to the 'active department' to port my number asap.

On August 9th, another call and was informed the 'active department' has not responded.

Today (August 11th), my patience was wearing thin and tried to get to the bottom of this. Found out the sim number they had are now missing the last 3 digits. I was really confused about this, because on the August 7th, the number I gave was the same as the number she repeated back to me. So I requested to speak to the supervisor and found that if the initial porting request failed (i.e. wrong sim number), it would take 3-5 days for the 'active department' to make the change after correcting the mistake through their 0800 number. Hence the due date is August 13th. If everything was done right initially, the process would have been much quicker. She (the supervisor) said that she couldn't do anything at her side to change the due date because this 'active department' is somewhat separate from Spark? The only thing she can do was send another urgent email.

The reason why I'm still trying to change to Spark was mainly for the Spotify offer and I can get 4G at my place. I would have immediately changed my mind on August 7th otherwise. I was surprise that it would take this long to port to Spark after porting many times to different providers previously and those took less than a day. 

Is there a Spark representative on Geekzone that can help with my case. I'm worried that by August 13th, I'm still with 2degrees. Also would like to find out if 3-5 days is normal.