Hi all,

With the first set of EQR repairs Telecoms (as they were called) process for transferring phone calls for the number, disconnecting the internet and reconnecting it all was great. Worked a treat.
This time around it is a nightmare.

I had told them to JUST transfer the phone calls, leave the internet be as I did not care about paying for the 2 and a bit weeks we were out for the internet which would not be used anyway.
When I asked them to do this I started to tell them our move in date but was told to tell them a few days beforehand (they did not want the move in date, which I can understand as most EQC repairs can and do push the dates out).

So I give Spark a ring (roughly 26th Oct), give them a move in date (29th Oct), get a text saying it will happen 30th in the afternoon (But not confirmed). OK, 1 day not a biggie.
30th came and went, 4+ hours on the phone and 2 teams and still no closer to knowing anything.
I contact Spark on twitter and on the instant chat (teathering my cell phone to the computer) and I get a call back yesterday saying someone messed up the disconnect and I would be on ADSL initially (was VDSL), OK I can handle that.
Spark Twitter come back to me today and say it will take until Thursday PM to get it all working again.
My initial thoughts were WTF happened to make it 1 and 1/2 weeks to get done what happened seemlessly the last time.

This has impacted my work and being able to be on call for work (doing it by 3g really SUCKS), and also the phone calls coming in still going to the old rental has thrown things out.

Is there someone I can pm a phone number/account number to so they can look into why this one is so hard?

Thanks in advance,