Ah my first vent of the year!!

I have been reading some web docos and bit and bobs over the New TNZ GSM network that is coming. I found this from July from Tuanz.


Its old, but man are they missing the boat!! They warned that Telecom would block handsets etc to stop customers going to Vodafone.......

What planet are they on?? UM WHO HAS THE GSM NETWORK AT THE MO??? Vodafone, so if any one is going to lose from Telecoms new  GSM network it will be Vodafone. Why on earth would you warn people about Telecom blocking handsets, surely it is logical that Vodafone will be the ones locking handsets, this has been touted on here before.. They will potentially lose a bundle of customers, business more than likely once Telecom has GSM and the handsets..

I think the Heralds writter getting a great headline, or maybe the misinformation from Kursten Shalfoon at Vodafone... that wouldn't surprise me.. Ernie never indicated only Telecom would do it, just that they could and that they called on both not too.

Then there is this pearl of wisdom form Kursten.

"A global telecommunications industry report describes the 850MHz frequency as "not widely used".

However, Shalfoon said devices built for 850MHz network commonly had the capability to roam on the 2100 MHz network but not vice-versa"

Really Kursten ??? surely thats what they make them quad band GSM and multi band WCDMA, so they can roam or operate on any of those frequencies, isn't that the great benefit of GSM that Vodafone has shoved down peoples throats for 10 years...

Any way my vent, again some poor reporting from the herald