My intention is to open a minecraft server for me and friends to use privately on my network.

During the setup process I used two online open port check tools (canyouseeme and yougetsignal) to check if i had successfully opened the desired port(25565). Alas neither tool could confirm that I had opened the port. After checking to see if my settings were correct and having an IT savvy friend(who also made his business an internet cafe/computer maintenance), confirm that they were in fact at least looking correct I've been unable to get a successful result from previously mentioned sites. 

As stated in the title the router in use is the Huawei HG630b provided by Telecom(now Spark). I may be able to provide screen caps of information at request. I hope to be able to achieve my goal with your help. 

Thanks for your time. 


Edit1: I was following instructions on portfoward and Sparks guide for the HG630b.

Edit2: Ahh sorry everyone, I fixed it on my own. I needed the application running in the background.