We currently have a bit of a mixture with a CDMA (work) and an XT mobile,  Add to this the stuff at home which was originally iHug until they disappeared and is now Vodafone.  The landline is fine and Broadband is DSL (only just) - we have a small wireless network for a couple of PCs, printer, etc).  We live in Karaka and that means that there isn't much hope of getting better BB than what we have already in the near future - it drops out frequently for all sorts of reasons - old copper, dicy connections, electric fences etc.  At best we sometimes reach 1500Mb but frequently it is way below this.  Now the major reason why we use Telecom mobile is that we get reception at home.  At best Vodafone is extremely marginal and at worst totally non-existent.

So what we are looking at is keeping our mobiles as they are but doing something about our fixed line stuff that is the most effective without breaking the bank.

Maybe Vodafone 'Home Phone Wireless' and mobile BB through to a wireless router.  Either Telecom or Vodafone we don't have a preference except that our history with Vodafone says the reception won't be good enough to get good up and download of data.

I'm sure a whole heap of you will have similar experiences - a few suggestions would be great.  Thanks Bill.