After asking on here a couple of weeks ago about recommendations on which phone to buy I decided on the Samsung F480.

I've had it nearly two weeks now and I thought I'd give my impressions on it.

It has some neat features but there are plenty of rough edges as well.

It has very good battery life BUT and it is a big BUT it give very little warning that the battery is about to go flat.  There are three bars on the battery indicator.  One would expect that each would give an equal time of operation thus giving some indication of remaining battery life.  Once it gets to the last bar the battery is pretty well flat going from a two third fulls indication to flat in no time at all.  This is very frustrating.  It also takes a long time to charge up.

The PC synchronising software works well except that once you have used the software you need to reboot the PC in order for you to be able to connect the phone the next time you use it otherwise you get a message saying the phone is busy.

One very odd feature is the ability to change the language from the texting keyboard.  It is easy to hit the language virtual button and change the language inadvertently and then wonder why the predictive text isn't giving the expected words.  I can't see any reason for having the language option available like this.

The menu system takes some getting used to but that is the same with anything new I guess.

The document viewer is a good feature except you need to zoom in to be able to read the words and then it seems almost impossible to move around the page to read it.

The FM radio works well and as well as showing you the name of the song being played also shows the station name, providing this data is being broadcast to start with.

The camera works well as does the video and the quality seems to be very good.  There is a good zoom though it is digital so you an achieve the same thing later on, on your computer.

The virtual key board works very well, it does take a little getting used to since there is no texture to show where a key starts and finishes.  The keyboard vibration, called “haptic feedback” lets you know when you have pressed a button and is a good feature. One very neat feature is the ability to zoom the text on the screen using the volume buttons.


There is no memory card supplied but there is a micro SD slot that will take up to a 8Gb card.  The PC connection can be configured so that the card appears on the computer as a drive and data can be copied as you would any other drive, e.g. music or video files.  Otherwise you have the option of connecting thru the Samsung PC software.


The User Manual is a complete waste of time, if it were printed on absorbent paper is would be more use in the little room.  There is a shocking lack of information on the phones features and how to use them.


All in all it’s quite good phone that can take a little getting used to if you haven’t used a touch screen before.  The three main areas that really spoil it are the lack of sufficient warning that the battery is about to go flat, the stupid function on the text keyboard of being able to change the language and the useless user manual.

I would be interested to know other owners comments