Telecom has extended its 100MB for $100 data roaming deal to two more
countries so XT customers roaming in Hong Kong and Canada will now receive
best data roaming rates in the market.

The standard data roaming rate in Hong Kong has plunged by almost 70% from
$25 per MB to $8 per MB, and the Canadian standard data roaming rate by
20% from $10 per MB to $8 per MB, and the cost will be capped at $100 for
up to 100MB.

Chief Marketing Officer of Telecom Retail, Kieren Cooney, says this
announcement follows shortly after Telecom launched the same rates in
Australia, United States and the United Kingdom.

“By offering great value data roaming rates in five of the main
destinations New Zealanders visit, we’re ensuring customers can travel
between countries with consistent pricing and have cost certainty around
their bill when they return home.”

“Our 100MB data cap means customers who use up 100 MB will essentially be
paying $1 per MB,” Cooney says.

For more information about Telecom’s roaming rates, customers can visit