Hello folks... I've posted this in the Jobs forum but since that forum is now locked I am posting it here as well for discussion.

We are implementing some changes to how Geekzone Jobs work. 

Our jobs board at Geekzone Jobs is now our preferred place for all job advertising.  The Geekzone Jobs forum is now locked and only jobs listed through jobs.co.nz will appear there.

All job listings on Geekzone Jobs come from our partners jobs.co.nz. You can list one free job entry per month at jobs.co.nz.

Technology listings posted with jobs.co.nz automatically flow to the Geekzone Jobs sub-domain, to our Geekzone Jobs RSS feed and to our Geekzone Jobs Twitter. A daily email is sent out to people who subscribe to our Geekzone Jobs email with all new listings from the previous day.

Our Geekzone Jobs Twitter account lists new jobs but it's limited to eight posts at a time. The best thing you can do is either subscribe to the RSS feed or to the daily email.

As requested by some we have now included location as part of each RSS feed item - this will appear in the RSS feed, emails and tweets.

In the coming months we are planning changes to the Geekzone Jobs board that will surprise and please at the same time.