Hi there,

I would like to inform small business owners about the disadvantages of using OKI Colour Laser Printers.

I have been leasing one for over 6 months from Comtel aka Orb Comunications NZ sub Telecom.

and am seriously thinking about sending it back to them in pieces.

Why?... well since I have us3ed this printer it's disadvantages start right off the mark.

for around $2800.00 you will get a C5400N model OKI Colour Laser Printer.

you will soon discover that it cannot take paper of varying types and/or GSM.

if you are thinking of purchasing one of these liabilities please continue.

you may use some paper types upto 203GSM , if there is such a paper/card.

semi-gloss (magazine type) paper will be covered in a hue of black due to toner bouncing.

streaks and visible lines may make gradient pictures look rather un-professional.

onto the costs:

toner life before purchasing a new one.

5000 pages @ 5% (coverage)
= 250 pages @ 100% (coverage)

Toner Costs:

3xcolour toner C/M/Y = $642.00
1xblack toner K= $80.00

total= $722.00 including GST

Cost per page {not including Drums/Paper/Power)

per page = $2.888

Drum life = 17,000 pages @ 5% (coverage)
Which is 850 pages @ 100% (coverage)

Average life span x 3.4 Toner Refills.

Drum Replacement Costs:

3 x colour drums C/M/Y $180 ea
1 x Black Drum K $155.00 ea

Total Drum Kit replacement $695.00

avg cost per refill = $204.41

therfore the total cost for Toners & Drums =: $722+$204.41= $926.41

Actual cost per page = $3.70

- including colours/drum

- not including power/paper/lease.

as a business you aill be lucky to get $5.00 including GST per 1 a4 full colour print
which is less then 50% of the profit share.

It is my oppinion that these machines are designed to milk busines's of their hard earned money and delivers a major blow to any that dare to go there.