Posting back in the forums again, blogging it was creating a couple of RSS issues (length and title i do believe...)

Full house tonight, lots of chat. I had a few timouts due to a malfunctioning router, so there are some gaps in this log. No filtering this week... what you see is what you get....

[20:00] <freitasm> Welcome to the Geekzone Weekly Chat... As usual a bit of Administrivia, then some Geekzone announcements and your usual non-stop non-sense, er, commentary about things happening this week...
[20:00] <retardinator2> brad explain your tardiness lol
[20:00] <freitasm> This week's prizes are a Bluetooth LAN AP (Bluetake), good if you have a Pocket PC (with Widcomm stack, not the MSFT stack) or a Bluetooth enabled laptop. Also I found US$10 Gift voucher for the Geekzone Store (Handango). And I have another two Telecom SkinIt for your phones (if you use Telecom - including the Apache Pocket PC).
[20:00] * nathan_mercer ( Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[20:00] <bradstewart> nice
[20:00] <retardinator2> wow
[20:00] <GZNeoTech> all sounds good
[20:00] <ljbade> nathan got kicked!
[20:00] <freitasm> The draw will be a bit later, sometime during the chat
[20:00] <Geekzone> ooo skinit
[20:00] <bradstewart> nice
[20:00] * Cokemaster sets mode: +v bradstewart
[20:00] <GZNeoTech> luvaly
[20:00] <tonyhughes> Leisas skinit is holding up well on her 6255
[20:00] <freitasm> First things...
[20:01] 3*** Joins : alasta (*!*
[20:01] <tonyhughes> good product
[20:01] * Cokemaster sets mode: +v alasta
[20:01] <freitasm> We have blocked The Nigerians!
[20:01] <tonyhughes> welcome alastair
[20:01] <bradstewart> lol
[20:01] <retardinator2> LOL
[20:01] <tonyhughes> wooohooo
[20:01] <alasta> Hi folks.
[20:01] <Geekzone> not the nigerians!
[20:01] <tonyhughes> all of them?
[20:01] <Cokemaster> Dam
[20:01] <chiefie> woohoo.... freebies! me like!
[20:01] <GZNeoTech> hi Alasta
[20:01] <bradstewart> poor nigerians
[20:01] <chiefie> what's with nigerians?
[20:01] <ljbade> !freebie
[20:01] <retardinator2> nigerian scammers...
[20:01] <bradstewart> theyre spammers
[20:01] <freitasm> Last night I was fed up with "We sell mobile phones, PSP, iPOD, and our mum too", so now The Nigerians will only receive an empty page. And we will have a cleaner environment.
[20:01] * tonyhughes would like to make it clear that tonights chat IS BEING LOGGED, and will not be filtered this time. Logging will end at 7.59pm
[20:01] <bradstewart> lol go MF
[20:02] <freitasm> Not that those posts had a long life on Geekzone anyway.
[20:02] <Geekzone> someone think of the nigerians!
[20:02] <Cokemaster> But I enjoyed getting letters from them promising me millions... (joking)
[20:02] <tonyhughes> woot!
[20:02] <chiefie> woohoo! go MF!
[20:02] <retardinator2> lol or the legitimate nigerians....if any...
[20:02] <tonyhughes> Geekzone slam dunks the Nigerians
[20:02] <freitasm> So, a bit less work for the moderators :0... Thank you guys!
[20:02] <alasta> I've been enjoying the phishing emails from the Bank of New Zealand.
[20:02] <tonyhughes> im sure there is a legitimate one somewhere
[20:02] <retardinator2> oooo i am yet to get one lol
[20:02] <ljbade> haha.. havent got spam yet on my email, cept for that phish the other day
[20:02] <tonyhughes> i havent got one yet
[20:02] <freitasm> This may not cut all psam, though, because they may post through a proxy, etc.
[20:02] <GZNeoTech> me too Alasta.. the BNZ love me
[20:02] <tonyhughes> i see there are kiwibank ones going around now tho
[20:02] <JAMMAN21110> BNZ emails are great!
[20:03] <freitasm> Anyway,
[20:03] <Cokemaster> Hmm
[20:03] <bradstewart> they are both still on
[20:03] <freitasm> We are planning to make Geekzone a bit more professional
[20:03] <ljbade> who falls for em anyway
[20:03] <retardinator2> go on :)
[20:03] <alasta> It's funny how all of the BNZ emails have a slightly different subject line. Even the stupidest punter would notice.
[20:03] <bradstewart> computer*
[20:03] <bradstewart> order order
[20:03] <freitasm> We are introducing "Contributors". Those are members that will write articles on Geekzone, pending approval from "Editors" or "Administrators".
[20:03] <chiefie> I tried Juha's demonstration of Kiwibank phishing on IE7.
[20:03] * thegeekbot is now known as geekbot
[20:04] <ljbade> OK... just another PHP/MySql user mode entry
[20:04] <freitasm> You probably noticed Brad's tag is now Contributor, as well as Hadders, Darryl Burling and Tony Hughes.
[20:04] <chiefie> sure enough IE7 did not recognised it. but in other folder (ANZ) and (Canadian bank), IE7 picked
[20:04] <chiefie> that quick.
[20:04] <bradstewart> how many administrators are there?
[20:04] <retardinator2> hmm
[20:04] <freitasm> I am an the only Administrator, but we will have one or two editors.
[20:04] <bradstewart> ah so its just administrato in the singular
[20:04] <alasta> What would these contributors write about? How-tos? Opinion? Product reviews?
[20:04] <tonyhughes> sounds good to me
[20:05] <freitasm> No, not another PHP/MySql user mode... We run all good Microsoft software here, ASP and Microsoft SQL. Hey, where is Nathan?
[20:05] <JAMMAN21110> 4 moderators? or 5?
[20:05] <tonyhughes> contributors are already writing
[20:05] <bradstewart> yeah we are
[20:05] <bradstewart> nathan got booted
[20:05] <tonyhughes> GZ starting to get much busier
[20:05] <tonyhughes> i think nathan ping timouted
[20:05] <freitasm> All contributors are already writing, but I have to post for them. They will now have access to the backend software to post directly, pending approval.
[20:05] <GZNeoTech> so no more moderators?
[20:05] <alasta> I guess I should look at more of the site than just the forums and blogs!
[20:05] <Jaffanz> right well im currently in australia and i have to get ready to go out for dinner does anyone have any questions for me before i go ?
[20:05] <freitasm> This will allow us to have richer content.
[20:05] <ljbade> ASP.... argh... new language...
[20:05] <tonyhughes> still having moderators
[20:05] <freitasm> Yes, all contributors are moderators.
[20:05] <JAMMAN21110> nathon got a peer disconnect i believe
[20:05] <Cokemaster> Ah
[20:06] <bradstewart> i hate the quiet periods on GZ when at work, gives me nothing to do lol
[20:06] <freitasm> And all moderators are still moderators.
[20:06] <tonyhughes> ahhh yes jamman it was
[20:06] <tonyhughes> lol@brad
[20:06] <retardinator2> ooo peer disconnect....i didn't even notice?
[20:06] <GZNeoTech> but not ll moderators are contributors?
[20:06] <bradstewart> nope
[20:06] <JAMMAN21110> yay i win! if only it was the prize :(
[20:06] <GZNeoTech> are we going to have to sit an exam on this later?
[20:06] 3*** Joins : Jp9 (*!*
[20:06] * retardinator2 chagning colouring of notifications on mIRC
[20:06] <freitasm> This is just to let you guys know that we actually want to have faster content loading, more content types and diversity of tech/geek content.
[20:06] <tonyhughes> nathan_mercer [] has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[20:06] <Jp9> boo
[20:07] <GZNeoTech> Hi JP
[20:07] * tonyhughes sets mode: +v Jp9
[20:07] <tonyhughes> hi jare
[20:07] * Jaffanz ( Quit (Quit: Bye bye)
[20:07] <tonyhughes> d
[20:07] <bradstewart> i must say i feel discrimiated against by the topic!!!!
[20:07] <freitasm> The things is... How many of you guys know we actually have other content besides the forums ?
[20:07] <Cokemaster> Hmm
[20:07] <Cokemaster> :)
[20:07] <retardinator2> lol
[20:07] <Geekzone> theres blogs :p
[20:07] <bradstewart> theres not just forums?
[20:07] <retardinator2> look you can fix that brad....move out of dunedin...
[20:07] <Cokemaster> I do read the articles that make the front page...
[20:07] <JAMMAN21110> i read the blogs and news, occasionally visit the software store
[20:07] <psychrn> articles and news
[20:07] <GZNeoTech> I do.. very helpfull articles
[20:07] <tonyhughes> all articles make the front page :-)
[20:07] <chiefie> i check the articles and news and blogs and forums.
[20:07] <Cokemaster> Most of them are quite good but the comments thing is a bit limited
[20:07] <tonyhughes> I read almost everything
[20:08] <Jp9> well, as usually i'll be semi-attentive. need a few good games of quake to relax.
[20:08] <psychrn> im always reading them
[20:08] <bradstewart> i always read the front page, i always have 2 or 3 GZ windows open at work
[20:08] <retardinator2> hmmm <--- might stop loading directly into forums then
[20:08] * Cokemaster slaps retardinator2
[20:08] <freitasm> The Editor(s) will be like the printed magazine: create an editorial line, approve content, arrange interviews, etc... We have one candidate who offered himself for the sacrifice in the Altar of the Virgins, and you maky know who he is.
[20:08] * tonyhughes slaps retardinator2 with a bradstewart
[20:08] * retardinator2 cries from slap
[20:08] <chiefie> i always check GZ
[20:08] <freitasm> But we have not decided yet.
[20:08] <JAMMAN21110> i do a tab for each "new" thing on the front page
[20:08] <bradstewart> i used to do that. the front page used to suck -no offense mauricio
[20:08] <chiefie> i always check GZ's RSSs so much that i think poory IE7 can't keep up with my request for GZ rss
[20:08] <freitasm> "Used to"? Nothing changed there in te last year, so what's it now?
[20:08] <ljbade> whish someone would post when im at chool
[20:09] <retardinator2> maybe some links on the side of the forums page that links to new news items?
[20:09] <bradstewart> well i just used to load the forum page, then i noticed the front page had the most recent posts
[20:09] <chiefie> i still got a review to come... (sorry MF i know it is way overdue...)
[20:09] <tonyhughes> nice idea tard
[20:09] <Geekzone> making the "new" update in realtime
[20:09] <tonyhughes> (re)
[20:09] <freitasm> I am also working on having custom templates for the Geekzone Blogs, so from next week (if all work ok) you guys should be able to load your own CSS for those)...
[20:09] <bradstewart> and i strongly object to beng used as a slapper
[20:09] <retardinator2> well that would curb traffic for people like myself lol
[20:10] <retardinator2> i will change habit though lol
[20:10] <tonyhughes> heh i heard you were used to it brad
[20:10] <retardinator2> lol
[20:10] <bradstewart> sometimes.....
[20:10] <retardinator2> brad is someones
[20:10] <bradstewart> days ending in 'y'
[20:10] <ljbade> so wots the official topic
[20:10] <bradstewart> and who is beng sacrificed?
[20:10] <Cokemaster> Hmm
[20:10] 3*** Joins : Bismilla (*!*
[20:10] <Cokebot> [Bismilla]: FUD FUD FUD!
[20:10] <GZNeoTech> Juha.....
[20:10] <freitasm> Ok, so this is the administration part of it. Any questions? Or shall we start with "Who downloaded Vista from 5 different PCs instead of burning a DVD, thus killing the Internets?
[20:10] * tonyhughes sets mode: +v Bismilla
[20:11] <tonyhughes> lol
[20:11] <GZNeoTech> I cheated
[20:11] <Bismilla> Hmm, what what?
[20:11] <freitasm> Juha, you are late for the announcements...
[20:11] <Cokemaster> I've tried downloading but servers were too unstable
[20:11] <bradstewart> bad boy!
[20:11] <freitasm> The Nigerians are running to the hills!
[20:11] <Bismilla> Yeah, life intervened...
[20:11] <Geekzone> i got it downloaded
[20:11] <bradstewart> dvds - thats what nathan is fo
[20:11] <tonyhughes> Bismilla, we will not let you got....
[20:11] <bradstewart> for*
[20:11] <tonyhughes> go
[20:11] <Bismilla> BITTORRENT!
[20:11] <ljbade> think MS would have 100GB/s internet on their servers...
[20:11] <GZNeoTech> and today I find out MS is sending it to me in July anyhoo
[20:11] <freitasm> Ok, I am reading this months Business 2.0
[20:11] <bradstewart> imagine what telecom would charge for that lol
[20:12] <freitasm> Microsoft is purchasing 460 PETABYTES of disc for the new Hotmail.
[20:12] <freitasm> And 10,000 servers for Xbox Live
[20:12] <freitasm> Is that enough?
[20:12] <tonyhughes> Petabytes.... wooo
[20:12] <bradstewart> wow
[20:12] <bradstewart> woooooot
[20:12] <chiefie> i'm a greedy geek. i downloaded AND ordered the DVD too
[20:12] <JAMMAN21110> lol
[20:12] <alasta> How many gigabytes in a pitabyte?
[20:12] <Geekzone> wish i had 460 petabytes in my computer
[20:12] <bradstewart> 1000000
[20:12] <freitasm> They are investing US$2.6 Billion in hardware (servers, routers, discs)
[20:12] <ljbade> the next version of windows will be on a HD-DVD... 50GBs... wonder how that will afect the internet speed
[20:12] <GZNeoTech> nobody would ever need 460 PETABYTES !!
[20:12] <Cokemaster> lol
[20:12] <Bismilla> I had a bite of a peta once
[20:12] <Geekzone> really high quality video :p
[20:12] <GZNeoTech> sounds like something Bill G would say
[20:12] <bradstewart> if i had unlmited high speed internet i would
[20:12] <Bismilla> Gyros peta
[20:13] <tonyhughes> 640 petabytes ought to be enough for anyone
[20:13] <GZNeoTech> that's a whole lot of $$
[20:13] <chiefie> i must say. Mail Live is getting better
[20:13] <ljbade> all the pr0n to fitted on 460PB
[20:13] <freitasm> Xtra Broadband, now with unlimited Petabytes per month...
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[20:15] 3*** Joins : theGeekzoner (*!* -- (Operator Status: Master)
[20:15] <retardinator2> i got no money left on vfnz i didn't notice either lol
[20:15] <Geekzone> thats 200gb of storage :)
[20:15] <Bismilla> Oh no
[20:15] <ljbade> good ol welly never gets blackouts
[20:15] <Bismilla> Teh_geekbot
[20:15] * tonyhughes ( Quit (SVSKilled: Ghost command used by theGeekzoner!
[20:15] <Geekzone> i'll never need to buy a hdd again
[20:15] <chiefie> so what's next on the agenda?
[20:15] <ljbade> two geet bots?
[20:15] * theGeekzoner is now known as tonyhughes
[20:16] <Cokemaster> Ones timed out
[20:16] <Cokemaster> Probably
[20:16] <JAMMAN21110> yeah, we need a welly GZ meetup... when its warm
[20:16] <ljbade> ?!?
[20:16] <Bismilla> Fiiiiigarrooooo!
[20:16] <ljbade> who is ghosting here
[20:16] <Cokemaster> ghosting
[20:16] <chiefie> i got something that i like to bring to GZers' attention. regarding Sky HDTV and Vodafone GPRS/3G
[20:16] <chiefie> roaming charges.
[20:16] <Jp9> hrm.. i need to buy another set of headphones.  :(
[20:16] <Bismilla> Shoot chiefie
[20:16] <freitasm> The Geekzone meetup will be announced shortly...
[20:16] <Geekzone> welly GZ!!!
[20:16] <freitasm> Kind of an "un-conference".
[20:16] <tonyhughes> !meop
[20:16] * thegeekbot sets mode: +o tonyhughes
[20:16] <bradstewart> brilliant
[20:16] <chiefie> first off. Sky HDTV
[20:16] <ljbade> ?
[20:16] <alasta> jp: Go with Sennheiser. I have a pair of PX200s and they're superb.
[20:16] <Geekzone> can it be in the next fortnight?
[20:16] * geekbot was kicked by tonyhughes (Behave)
[20:16] <Bismilla> !meop
[20:16] <JAMMAN21110> yay! thanks MF!
[20:16] <GZNeoTech> any chance of an Auckland GZ gathering this year or is AKL blacklisted now? since we have crap power
[20:17] <ljbade> !MEOP
[20:17] <Geekzone> AKL's blacklisted cause you dont have telstra
[20:17] <JAMMAN21110> Sennheiser is awesome! - that came from a sound engineer
[20:17] <chiefie> i read from a magazine (What Home Cinema) that UK's Sky HDTV will operate with today's HD Ready
[20:17] <chiefie> tv.
[20:17] <GZNeoTech> not chea though
[20:17] <Cokemaster> Auckland is literally blacklisted.. the lights won't work
[20:17] <GZNeoTech> cheap
[20:17] <freitasm> Hmmm. Nope. I want to do it either Sep/Oct/Nov. You can give your preferred one now if you want to start a voting/revolution.
[20:17] <chiefie> it will use HDMI as well as Component.
[20:17] <Bismilla> Yes...
[20:17] <ljbade> hahahah funny
[20:17] <Bismilla> Hmm, chaos in here
[20:17] <bradstewart> september
[20:17] <retardinator2> that suits me
[20:17] * chiefie wonders anyone see my messages or not? :o
[20:18] <Cokemaster> Yep, chiefie
[20:18] <freitasm> The format will be sort of a conference. Some three sessions in the afternoon, then drinks and dinner.
[20:18] <retardinator2> lol if you make it the 3rd....i might get prezzies too lol
[20:18] <tonyhughes> i do chiefie
[20:18] <alasta> Any time is fine with me as long as plenty of notice is given.
[20:18] <Geekzone> depends the exact date in sep/oct/noc
[20:18] <Geekzone> nov
[20:18] <ljbade> component... but ppl will just start pirating the HD goodness oh no ! cant have that now!
[20:18] <JAMMAN21110> indeed chiefie
[20:18] <Bismilla> Yeah, I'm seeing them but the scroll past fast
[20:18] * retardinator2 bday is the 3rd sept lol
[20:18] <Cokemaster> Such high noise to signal ratio
[20:18] <chiefie> oh cool :D i was reading that this arvo and thought "must tell the GZ"
[20:18] <freitasm> It will be a weekend in one of those.
[20:18] <GZNeoTech> I better start walking
[20:18] <ljbade> HDMI is DVI with audio
[20:18] <Geekzone> weekend night?
[20:18] <tonyhughes> friday night?
[20:18] <bradstewart> GZneotech, i'll still be haeding to auck before the party
[20:19] <tonyhughes> sat?
[20:19] <ljbade> SPDIF didigtal audio too
[20:19] <chiefie> and i have high confidence that NZ's adoption of HDTV will be based on UK/Europe's HDTV
[20:19] <Geekzone> my nights are busy
[20:19] <ljbade> my CRT is a HDTV anyday
[20:19] <GZNeoTech> cheers Brad will surely keep it in mind
[20:19] <freitasm> Saturday afternoon/evening. People can arrive Friday night, Saturday morning, attend the event, party until late, leave on Sunday afternoon. Prett much like the previous Geekzone Dinner here.
[20:19] <ljbade> yip US TV is crap
[20:19] <freitasm> And Tony, no trips to the hospital this time, please.
[20:19] <tonyhughes> sounds good to me MF
[20:19] <Cokemaster> Haha
[20:19] <ljbade> NTSC is the worst colour eer
[20:19] * tonyhughes cant help it :(
[20:19] <chiefie> now secondly, regarding Vodafone GPRS/3G data roaming.
[20:19] <ljbade> ever
[20:19] <Geekzone> lol what did tony do?
[20:19] <tonyhughes> will try not to
[20:20] <bradstewart> had to much to drink.....
[20:20] <tonyhughes> i have a heart defect
[20:20] <ljbade> and lower res too
[20:20] <Bismilla> One person at th etime
[20:20] <tonyhughes> and i played up a bit on the Sunday when we wnet to drive home
[20:20] <ljbade> WHAT I CANT HERAR
[20:20] <freitasm> Not what he did. He had a problem and I only found out when I got a MMS from a hospital room. A shame, but he's ok and with us here!
[20:20] <chiefie> just out of boredom today, i checked M1 (singapore mobile one) site. and they are the only
[20:20] <chiefie> vodafone partner in Asia.
[20:20] <Bismilla> Put your hand up if you want to say something
[20:20] <Geekzone> silly heart
[20:20] <chiefie> they support VMC
[20:20] <retardinator2> lol
[20:20] <freitasm> Yes, and VFNZ charges $30/MB with them too?
[20:20] * tonyhughes considers moderating the chatroom
[20:20] * Cokemaster also conisdering
[20:20] <ljbade> that is a hard job
[20:20] <bradstewart> ssssssshhh everbody
[20:20] <Geekzone> buy buy voice :p
[20:21] <Bismilla> That's not how  you spell molesting
[20:21] <Cokemaster> Now now juha
[20:21] <tonyhughes> lol@bis
[20:21] <Cokemaster> That wasn't nice
[20:21] <psychrn> it is hard for us newbies to keep up
[20:21] <chiefie> given this exclusive partnership in Asia with Vodafone. I thought that they will be $10/mb (Which
[20:21] <chiefie> i did read it somewhere in M1 but i lost the bookmark.
[20:21] <ljbade> n00bs... i used to be one once...
[20:21] <Geekzone> just read the chatlogs after the show
[20:21] <freitasm> Whatever you read on M1 is not valid. What counts is what's on VFNZ's site
[20:21] <Geekzone> i was never a n00b
[20:21] <chiefie> anyway, then referring to Vodafone's GPRS/3G data roaming. it seems like it is cheaper to roam 3G
[20:21] <chiefie> in singapore for $10/mb than GPRS with M1.
[20:21] <tonyhughes> yes, from the horses mouth
[20:21] <JAMMAN21110> noobies, i believe you can scrool
[20:22] <tonyhughes> scrool?
[20:22] <tonyhughes> example plz
[20:22] <Geekzone> scrol
[20:22] <ljbade> (scrool wheel is in middle of mouse)
[20:22] <freitasm> $10/MB ?
[20:22] <bradstewart> lol
[20:22] <Geekzone> scroll*
[20:22] <Cokemaster> Heh
[20:22] <Cokemaster> Much better
[20:22] <chiefie> Vodafone 3G roaming with M1 is $10/mb compare to GPRS roaming at $30/mb
[20:22] * tonyhughes scrools JAMMAN2110 with a wet Cokebot
[20:22] <chiefie> yup. from Vodafone NZ data roaming.
[20:22] <Cokemaster> Cokebot, JAMMAN21110
[20:22] <Cokebot> I don't get you
[20:22] <bradstewart> tony thats disgusting
[20:22] <retardinator2> lol
[20:22] <Geekzone> lol
[20:22] <Cokemaster> bradstewart,
[20:22] <bradstewart> yes?
[20:22] <ljbade> how do you do the italics text stuff
[20:23] <chiefie> let me get the URL
[20:23] <Cokemaster> You should have seen someone acting as you yesterday
[20:23] <tonyhughes> WiFi data is best for roaming
[20:23] <Cokemaster> oops
[20:23] <tonyhughes> if circumstances allow
[20:23] <Cokemaster> Before meeting
[20:23] <freitasm> $10/MB is an absurd cost. I paid that last time for one evening, cost me $600 while in the USA. Next morning, refreshed, I found out the McDonalds downstairs had WiFi for US$1.50/hour!
[20:23] <JAMMAN21110> nno! scrool! it :P i think
[20:23] <bradstewart> really???
[20:23] <chiefie>
[20:23] <bradstewart> thats not very nice of them
[20:23] <bradstewart> bet they werent as good as the real me
[20:23] <ljbade> mobile broadbrand is a rip, wardriving for free WiFi is chaper
[20:23] <Geekzone> 4Mc Donalds!!!!
[20:23] 3*** Joins : nathan_mercer (*!*
[20:23] <tonyhughes> wb nathan
[20:23] <alasta> Weren't there plans to have WiFi at McDonald's in New Zealand at one stage?
[20:23] <GZNeoTech> welcome back Nathan
[20:23] * tonyhughes sets mode: +v nathan_mercer
[20:23] <Bismilla> DALnet sux
[20:23] <alasta> I think Telecom were going to set it up.
[20:23] <freitasm> They say "this is the cost our partners give to us", but those "partners" offer unlimited for US$19.95/month there.
[20:24] <Geekzone> i always go war driving, quite a few spots in the hutt
[20:24] <GZNeoTech> theif!
[20:24] <chiefie> check out the GPRS/3G roaming with Singapore M1. so i don't know what you'll get charged if you
[20:24] <chiefie> falls in and out of GPRS/UMTS while in singapore.
[20:24] <ljbade>  /me slaps brad with a cold freitasm
[20:24] <psychrn> some macs have wifi
[20:24] * ljbade slaps brad with a cold freitasm
[20:24] <JAMMAN21110> geekzone, where you located?
[20:24] <bradstewart> WTF?!?!
[20:24] <Cokemaster> Hes nokiarocks
[20:24] <Geekzone> lower hutt
[20:25] <retardinator2> lol?
[20:25] <JAMMAN21110> lol
[20:25] * Bismilla slaps everyone with bacalau
[20:25] <Cokemaster> !quote 94
[20:25] <Cokebot> #94 Does not exist, U can select 1 to 93
[20:25] <Cokemaster> !quote 93
[20:25] <Cokebot> #93 - [19:13]     Bradstewart:    here sheepy sheepy sheepy, i've got a present for you || Added by - Cokemaster At this time 13/06/2006 - 07:13:57
[20:25] <JAMMAN21110> hmmm me too, lower hutt, taita
[20:25] <alasta> I suppose Maccas on Lambton Quay might be in range of CafeNet.
[20:25] <Jp9> belmont, lower hutt
[20:25] <Geekzone> pffft taita trash :p
[20:25] <bradstewart> IM INSULTED
[20:25] <GZNeoTech> is anyone in Auckland?
[20:25] <ljbade> !quote 66
[20:25] <Cokebot> #66 - [20:43]     <GoThX>    my throat hurts more then optys cock up my ass =( || Added by - Cokemaster At this time 15/11/2004 - 12:44:34
[20:25] <Bismilla> And Speights tastes bladdie orful
[20:25] <Geekzone> im down nearer the CBD
[20:25] <tonyhughes> I was under the impression every McDs would be a WIFi hotspot for TNZ by late last year
[20:25] <Cokemaster> Enough of the quotes
[20:26] <ljbade> hmmm
[20:26] <freitasm> I had this impression too.
[20:26] <JAMMAN21110> lol i use to be belmont ... moved
[20:26] <chiefie> that's all from me on my discovery today.
[20:26] <tonyhughes> has it not happened?
[20:26] <bradstewart> thats wot i heard to. brb. pitstop
[20:26] <ljbade> im good ol Kapiti!
[20:26] <Geekzone> any ppl from hutt know any hotspots?
[20:26] <freitasm> Folks, I found out the "Free TNZ Hotspot for Mobile Broadband users" is extended until end of August.
[20:26] <Cokemaster> Hmm, Massey has cafenet running at campas along side their free wireless
[20:26] 3*** Joins : sneep (*!*
[20:26] <tonyhughes> hi sneep
[20:26] * chiefie thinks TNZ will go with Restaurant Brands (KFC/StarBucks/PizzaHuts) over McD
[20:26] <tonyhughes> welcome to GZ chat
[20:26] <JAMMAN21110> hotspot outside my house :D
[20:26] <sneep> Hi
[20:26] <Cokebot> Low
[20:26] <GZNeoTech> hi sneep
[20:26] <alasta> Last time I checked the list of hotspots on Telecom's site, I didn't see any McDonald's listed.
[20:26] <ljbade> found a hotspot wif my neighbour's psp othe day
[20:27] <Bismilla> Oh no
[20:27] <Geekzone> really... might have to come use it :p
[20:27] <bradstewart> hotspot in my house
[20:27] <tonyhughes> you have arrived int he middle of a war zone, try and keep up if you can lol
[20:27] <Cokemaster> Yeah
[20:27] <JAMMAN21110> lol
[20:27] <Bismilla> THere are too few ops in here
[20:27] <Cokemaster> Look out for JAMMAN21110 too
[20:27] <Geekzone> any open hotspots?
[20:27] <JAMMAN21110> its off - damn neighbour but if you want it on just ask
[20:27] <tonyhughes> why do you want more ops?
[20:27] <psychrn> bombasa macs is a hotspot
[20:27] * bradstewart is now known as bradstewartAFK
[20:27] <Bismilla> Ops are good
[20:27] <chiefie> i doubt TNZ will go with McD... because seems like TNZ is in partnership with STarbucks...
[20:27] <Geekzone> theres one i use in the CBD, works well
[20:27] <psychrn> bombay macs has a hotspot
[20:27] * tonyhughes sets mode: +o Bismilla
[20:27] <tonyhughes> enjoy
[20:27] <alasta> Here in Strathmore, my notebook picks up a signal from 'melroseeastcafenet', but I can't get any access on it.
[20:27] <ljbade> even if its WEPed if it has the default SSID e.g default or linksys, try a default password like admin or 12345
[20:28] <Jp9>  if they're with starbucks maybe kfc/pizza hutt next?
[20:28] <ljbade> try sitting ouside a wireless cafe and break into the the poor suckers surfing the net
[20:28] <freitasm> The "free wifi while you drink coffee" is a foreigner concept in NZ. I enjoyed that in the USA a lot.
[20:28] <Jp9> (random observation being restaurant brands)
[20:28] <Geekzone> lol
[20:28] <tonyhughes> free wifi with purchase is a great idea
[20:29] <tonyhughes> not just for coffee
[20:29] * tonyhughes is allergic to coffee
[20:29] <chiefie> it is common in my hometown in malaysia
[20:29] <Geekzone> print the password on the bottom of the coffee cup :p
[20:29] <sneep> McDonalds has their own 802.11 equipment in their stores.
[20:29] <freitasm> You go in, order coffee, cake and use the net access. You see a lot of people working, downloading itunes stuff, etc. Pretty cool.
[20:29] <tonyhughes> free wifi with BEER
[20:29] <tonyhughes> yeah
[20:29] <chiefie> many cafe are offerring free wifi on request.
[20:29] <Geekzone> or in the middle of a hamburger
[20:29] <tonyhughes> thats is
[20:29] <alasta> I'm glad I'm not the only geek who doesn't like coffee.
[20:29] <tonyhughes> it*
[20:29] <ljbade> a network admin in welly told me he did that for a client to show how great wifi is (found out the sucker worked at some hospitial - all in the My Docs folder!)
[20:29] <retardinator2> LOL
[20:29] <bradstewartAFK> tony how come he gets ops? you keep taking it away from me
[20:29] <GZNeoTech> especially MacDs coffee
[20:29] * bradstewartAFK is now known as bradstewart
[20:30] <Geekzone> theres not enough ops in here!
[20:30] <Cokemaster> What
[20:30] <Cokemaster> There are plenty
[20:30] * bradstewart was kicked by tonyhughes (whinewhinewhine)
[20:30] * tonyhughes was kicked by thegeekbot (thegeekbot)
[20:30] thegeekbot invited bradstewart into channel #geekzone
[20:30] <Geekzone> no theres not
[20:30] 3*** Joins : tonyhughes (*!* -- (Operator Status: Owner)
[20:30] <Cokebot> [tonyhughes]: I give up, where the f*ck is Waldo?
[20:30] * ChanServ sets mode: +o tonyhughes
[20:30] <psychrn> i found a hotspot the other day-my physio
[20:30] <retardinator2> lol
[20:30] 3*** Joins : bradstewart (*!* -- (Operator Status: Janitor)
[20:30] <Cokebot> [bradstewart]: "You cannot say geeks and nerds are the same. Thats like saying my bogan neighbours VL commodore is like my Ferrari 430. Its just not allowed in any circle of society." - bradstewart
[20:30] <GZNeoTech> lol
[20:30] <bradstewart> hmmmmm
[20:30] * tonyhughes sets mode: +o bradstewart
[20:30] <GZNeoTech> enjoy your trip ?
[20:30] <ljbade> make evryone ops and play the last to not get kicked is the rotten egg!
[20:30] <psychrn> told them about it and they passworded it
[20:30] <Geekzone> still not enough ops in here
[20:30] <tonyhughes> lol
[20:30] <bradstewart> ok fine whatever
[20:30] * nathan_mercer ( Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[20:31] <tonyhughes> check your @ brad
[20:31] <GZNeoTech> poor Nathan!
[20:31] <Cokemaster> Nokiarocks... there is more than enough
[20:31] * JAMMAN21110 making guide for DVI - VGA / VGA - DVI conversion DIY adaptor :D
[20:31] <tonyhughes> mmmm poor nathan
[20:31] <bradstewart> oh wicked
[20:31] <ljbade> nathan has a bad net connection from the looks
[20:31] <bradstewart> your too kind
[20:31] * tonyhughes sets mode: +o chiefie
[20:31] <Geekzone> theres hardly any
[20:31] <Cokemaster> Microsoft too busy
[20:31] <bradstewart> lol MS connections
[20:31] <freitasm> Folks, first two here with a Telecom mobile (including the Apache Pocket PC) to say "YES I HAVE" will get one SkinIt ( voucher...
[20:31] * tonyhughes is never TOO kind
[20:31] <Geekzone> ys i have
[20:31] <Bismilla> More ops
[20:31] <tonyhughes> and you have to be cruel to be kind
[20:31] <tonyhughes> or so they say
[20:31] * chiefie is op too? woohoo
[20:31] <GZNeoTech> YES I Have
[20:31] <Geekzone> YES I HAVE
[20:31] <Bismilla> In the right measure
[20:31] <tonyhughes> well done you too
[20:31] <ljbade> 8.31 already OMG
[20:32] <Geekzone> boo ya!
[20:32] <ljbade> Cokebot, time
[20:32] <Cokebot> Server Time: 20:32:02
[20:32] <tonyhughes> two*
[20:32] <bradstewart> well done
[20:32] <chiefie> YES I HAVE (what?)
[20:32] <tonyhughes> too late cheiefe
[20:32] <freitasm> Ok, Geekzone, GZNeoTech, please email freitasm@ you know where and I will email back the codes.
[20:32] <ljbade> the code too wot>
[20:32] <Geekzone> sweet
[20:32] <chiefie> hehe never intend.. just want to see yes i have what :o
[20:32] <tonyhughes> ?
[20:32] <GZNeoTech> Next in the list Mauricio.. thanks.. not worth it for the Harrier.. thanks though!
[20:32] <retardinator2> lol
[20:32] <Cokemaster> ljbade, [20:31]     freitasm    Folks, first two here with a Telecom mobile (including the Apache Pocket PC) to say "YES I HAVE" will get one SkinIt ( voucher...
[20:32] <bradstewart> lol
[20:32] * Geekzone is now known as NokiaRocks
[20:33] <freitasm> Ok, so apparently we have one SkinIt still available... Who needs one?
[20:33] <ljbade> YES I HAVE
[20:33] <retardinator2> lol
[20:33] <Cokemaster> Heh
[20:33] <Bismilla> !ircstats
[20:33] <thegeekbot> 8,1IRC Stats: Stats for Bismilla ... Lines of Text: 23 ... Actions: 2 ... Bans: 0 ... Unbans: 0 ... Kicks: 0
[20:33] <bradstewart> congrats
[20:33] <Cokemaster> Too late ljbade
[20:33] * chiefie don't need skin.
[20:33] <freitasm> Ok, ljbade, email me... But not at mermaids...
[20:33] <ljbade> damn it
[20:33] <NokiaRocks> will it work with my sanyo7400?
[20:33] <Bismilla> !ping Cokemaster
[20:33] <GZNeoTech> hey when I had time to think about it, it just didn't seem right to waste it on a Harrier!
[20:33] <retardinator2> ...?
[20:33] <freitasm> Yep.
[20:33] <NokiaRocks> cool
[20:33] <tonyhughes> skinit looks GREAT on the Sanyo 7400
[20:33] <GZNeoTech> sorry
[20:33] <chiefie> LOL @GZNeoTech
[20:34] <bradstewart> so whats next?
[20:34] <ljbade> will email
[20:34] <ljbade> @geekright?
[20:34] <freitasm> The US$10 voucher from Geekzone Store/Handango.
[20:34] <tonyhughes>
[20:34] <ljbade> @eekzone
[20:34] <freitasm> It's good for Pocket PC, palm software.
[20:34] <ljbade> cool
[20:34] <tonyhughes> ljbade
[20:34] <ljbade> yeah
[20:34] <alasta> Does it have Symbian software?
[20:34] <GZNeoTech> great site!
[20:34] <Bismilla> gheykzoone
[20:34] <freitasm> Yes, Symbian as well.
[20:35] <Bismilla> Is $10 enough though?
[20:35] <bradstewart> symbian doesnt work for series 40
[20:35] * thegeekbot is now known as geekbot
[20:35] <freitasm> Looking in our frontpage today, who posted about the Windows Vista bittorrent ?
[20:35] <psychrn> 50 series
[20:35] <bradstewart> even though the new series 490 is built on symbian
[20:35] <Bismilla> Errmm...
[20:35] <chiefie> mmmmmmm... juha?
[20:35] <bradstewart> juha
[20:35] * chiefie went and check.
[20:35] <Bismilla> Stop doing that
[20:35] <freitasm> Yep. Chifie...
[20:35] <freitasm> chiefie.
[20:35] <chiefie> woot!
[20:35] <tonyhughes> freebie
[20:35] <tonyhughes> nice
[20:35] <chiefie> it's a pure fluke. LOL
[20:35] <GZNeoTech> well done Chiefie
[20:35] <bradstewart> stop doing what?
[20:35] <freitasm> I will email you a US$10 discount code for software on the store :)
[20:36] * chiefie just shows himself to everyone how much time he (wasted) while at work. LOL
[20:36] <chiefie> cheers.
[20:36] <freitasm> The Bluetake Bluetooth Access Point...
[20:36] <bradstewart> lol
[20:36] <JAMMAN21110> i want!
[20:36] <Cokemaster> lol
[20:36] <bradstewart> who doesnt
[20:36] <Bismilla> me-2
[20:36] * tonyhughes does
[20:36] <NokiaRocks> email sent :)
[20:36] <GZNeoTech> sounds interesting
[20:36] <ljbade> email sent
[20:36] <freitasm> Good if you have a Pocket PC with widcomm stack (not the MSFT stack) or a Bluetooth-enabled laptop...
[20:36] <ljbade> wif a digital ID jsut to sure that its me!
[20:36] <NokiaRocks> dont have bluetooth so im out
[20:36] <JAMMAN21110> yep got one :D
[20:36] <GZNeoTech> so harrier no good?
[20:36] <Bismilla> ooh, dr3wl
[20:36] <psychrn> jasjar ok?
[20:37] * sneep ( Quit (Quit: "Man with hand in bush not necessarily trimming shrubs.")
[20:37] <freitasm> Harrier is ok, Jasjar is not.
[20:37] <chiefie> jasjar = MSFT Stacks
[20:37] <tonyhughes> bye sneep
[20:37] <freitasm> No Windows Mobile 5 runs the Widcomm software.
[20:37] <GZNeoTech> excellent
[20:37] <psychrn> okies
[20:37] <ljbade> stupid MS stacks
[20:37] <chiefie> HX4700/H6315 are good
[20:37] <bradstewart> bring it on
[20:37] 3*** Joins : sneep (*!*
[20:37] <tonyhughes> wbs neep
[20:37] <GZNeoTech> wb sneep
[20:37] <tonyhughes> wrong button?
[20:37] <ljbade> lets hack it so it works
[20:37] <freitasm> In the frontpage, who posted pictures on the Geekzone Blogs of the now famous "cable" that cause the AKL blackout??
[20:38] * Disconnected
Session Close: Tue Jun 13 20:38:49 2006

Session Start: Tue Jun 13 20:41:06 2006
Session Ident: #geekzone
[20:41] * Now talking in #geekzone
[20:41] * Topic is 'Geekzone| Weekly Chat is on | Lobbyists, Trolls (Dunediners, Voda- and Tele- troll breeds included), Forums, community, way of life  |'
[20:41] * Set by Cokemaster on Tue Jun 13 19:59:49
[20:41] * ChanServ sets mode: +o thegeekbot
[20:41] <bradstewart> macos bleh
[20:41] <nathan_mercer> all my work and home PCs have moved from XP to Vista now :)
[20:41] <GZNeoTech> anyone running Vista on a Xeon box?
[20:41] <Bismilla> nathan_mercer: :(
[20:41] * geekbot was kicked by thegeekbot (you suck)
[20:41] <bradstewart> im using XP on my laptop cos im too lazy to upgrade to vista on it
[20:41] <nathan_mercer> even my girlf's 512MB laptop
[20:41] * thegeekbot sets mode: +o theGeekzoner
[20:42] <Cokemaster> Router giving you grief Tony?
[20:42] <theGeekzoner> who won the BT access poiint?
[20:42] <theGeekzoner> yes
[20:42] <Cokemaster> Yours truly
[20:42] <GZNeoTech> coke
[20:42] <Bismilla> g/f? I thought it was a b/f?
[20:42] <bradstewart> and im overly sure how it will go with a mobility radeo 9700
[20:42] <theGeekzoner> had to restart it again
[20:42] <ljbade> waitn for vista
[20:42] <chiefie> hey Nathan. if one got Office for Teacher and Student 2003, and later when 2007 is out with Basic
[20:42] <chiefie> version, what will happen to Outlook 2003? will there be any special "case" for office 2007 with
[20:42] <chiefie> outlook in them without getting anything suit higher than Basic?
[20:42] <bradstewart> not sure*
[20:42] <nathan_mercer> thanks Bismilla
[20:42] <Bismilla> :]
[20:42] * theGeekzoner is now known as tonyhughes
[20:43] <Bismilla> ~_~
[20:43] <GZNeoTech> no one used vista on a xeon?? none at all?
[20:43] * bradstewart thinks bismilla needs slapped with a large tonyhughes
[20:43] * tonyhughes sets mode: +o nathan_mercer
[20:43] <tonyhughes> oops
[20:43] <nathan_mercer> Chiefie: not sure, Outlook was pulled out of S&T based on feedback
[20:43] <tonyhughes> wrong butotn
[20:43] <Cokemaster> Hmm
[20:43] <Bismilla> Oh well, going to give up on this... very long day
[20:43] * tonyhughes sets mode: +v nathan_mercer
[20:43] <nathan_mercer> Xeon as in IA64?
[20:43] * alasta ( Quit (Quit: Bye bye)
[20:43] <Bismilla> Beehave in here, mmmkay?
[20:43] * Cokemaster sets mode: +v sneep
[20:43] <NokiaRocks> i g2g
[20:43] <NokiaRocks> catch you guys later
[20:43] <bradstewart> bye bye
[20:43] <GZNeoTech> well yeah that'll do
[20:43] <Bismilla> byeeee
[20:43] * ljbade is now known as ljbadebot
[20:44] <ljbadebot> !bt
[20:44] <chiefie> how about multi-install for any office basic suit that has word/excel/outlook? (which simply what
[20:44] <chiefie> i use with home pcs)
[20:44] <GZNeoTech> bye thems what's goin
[20:44] <tonyhughes> bye to those leaving
[20:44] <Bismilla> ./
[20:44] <Bismilla> crap
[20:44] <ljbadebot> I believe i can talk now.
[20:44] * Bismilla ( Quit (Quit: leaving)
[20:44] <ljbadebot> !google Telecom
[20:44] <Cokemaster> Hmm
[20:44] <thegeekbot> [Google] #1 Telecom New Zealand Limited ( )
[20:44] <thegeekbot> [Google] Desc: Phone, fax, mobile and Internet services for residential customers .
[20:44] <bradstewart> mauricio, did you send the backpack? cos im thinkinhg it got lost in the post
[20:44] <nathan_mercer> chiefie, I haven't heard of any package like that, will ask
[20:44] <psychrn> whats thew download size of vista??
[20:44] <ljbadebot> [Google] #1 Telescum New Zealand Limited ( )
[20:44] <bradstewart> 3.3gb
[20:44] <GZNeoTech> My dual xeon in the office down stairs is EM64T compliant..
[20:44] <freitasm> I sent the backpack on a big plastic envelope...
[20:44] <nathan_mercer> ~3.5GB X86
[20:45] <nathan_mercer> ~4.5GB X64
[20:45] <psychrn> thanls
[20:45] <freitasm> That was on Thursday.
[20:45] <ljbadebot> !bottle
[20:45] <bradstewart> hmmmm well it hasnt arrived here
[20:45] <psychrn> ok to go over the top of xp
[20:45] <ljbadebot> Spin the bottle started type !spin to start
[20:45] <nathan_mercer> Vista will install on a EM64T Xeon yes
[20:45] <Cokemaster> No,
[20:45] <psychrn> are you doing dvd's??
[20:45] <barf> does Vista 64-bit run win32 applications?
[20:45] <bradstewart> will check with post office
[20:45] <ljbadebot> !spin
[20:45] <nathan_mercer> mostly
[20:45] * ljbadebot was kicked by tonyhughes (no bot stuff plz)
[20:45] <chiefie> alternatively, i do hope that there will be a special package/bundle for home PCs, like triple
[20:45] <chiefie> install of Vista Ultimate (which i will get when Vista is out) and Triple install for Office
[20:45] <chiefie> 2007. Would like to get on them ASAP when they're out, am already satisfied with the beta.
[20:45] <Cokemaster> Thank you
[20:45] <GZNeoTech> @Nathan. have you seen it running on EM64T?
[20:45] <barf> what does mostly mean?
[20:45] <freitasm> I sent in one of those very large (the biggest) plastic envelopes they have on the post office.
[20:46] <nathan_mercer> GZNeoTech: yes, I am running on it now
[20:46] 3*** Joins : ljbade (*!*
[20:46] <Cokebot> [ljbade]: The Leithal Weapon is here!
[20:46] <GZNeoTech> @Nathan.. stable?
[20:46] <Cokemaster> No bots please ljbade
[20:46] <nathan_mercer> barf: it will run 32bit apps, but an app is not stuff like antivirus, low level system utils, server apps etc
[20:46] <ljbade> seems a script took control of my mIRC... (jokes!)
[20:47] <nathan_mercer> GZ: I'm using it every day, I wouldn't push it onto someone that wasn't a keen enthusiast.  It is BETA 2 after all
[20:47] <JAMMAN21110> oh crap i have doctor tommorow
[20:47] <barf> nathan_mercer: thanks, so will new applications be 'fat binaries' or seperate 64 and 32 bit versions?
[20:47] <ljbade> hmmm i herd 64bit is buggy and needs signed drviers
[20:47] <JAMMAN21110> not actual doctor its a guys name
[20:47] <GZNeoTech> Ntahan. that's my concern.. the xeon box is my main tool
[20:47] <nathan_mercer> barf: there is a compat layer called WoW (windows on windows32) that emulates 32bit layer on x64 - very fast
[20:48] <freitasm> Folks, this is beta software, and it's not recommended for production machines!
[20:48] <GZNeoTech> But where's the fun in that?
[20:48] <freitasm> Unless you can dual boot it, and use it overnight or when the office is closed?
[20:48] * tonyhughes wants to know what Vista is likley to cost (ballpark figure?)
[20:48] <ljbade> wot! every version of windows is beta otherwise we wouldn't have as many bugs...
[20:48] <GZNeoTech> :( my office never closes
[20:48] <barf> nathan_mercer: but can a driver have 64bit and 32bit code in it? or will they be seperate?
[20:48] <nathan_mercer> lj: 64 is not buggy, in fact by having signed drivers it makes it more stable, can't just load any all kammakuzza driver.  Drivers can be harder to get than 32, there is way to disable signed kernal binaries in the boot BCD settings
[20:48] <bradstewart> i would say $899 for ultimate
[20:48] 3*** Joins : Fraktul (*!*
[20:48] * tonyhughes sets mode: +v Fraktul
[20:48] <ljbade> no
[20:49] <Fraktul> hello
[20:49] <Cokebot> Greetings
[20:49] <nathan_mercer> barf: if you are on 64 you need 64 bit drivers
[20:49] <ljbade> drivers must be 64bit
[20:49] <nathan_mercer> but not 64 bit apps
[20:49] <Fraktul> forgot chat was on
[20:49] * tonyhughes slaps Fraktul
[20:49] <freitasm> WB slapped fraktul
[20:49] <ljbade> yeah and many cheap manufacturers are too lazy to make 64bit
[20:49] * chiefie ( Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[20:49] <tonyhughes> set your phones alarm for recurring 7.55pm Tuesdays
[20:49] <Fraktul> :)
[20:49] <Fraktul> thanks
[20:49] * GZNeoTech slaps tonyhughes around a bit with a large errr.. geek?
[20:49] <barf> seperate drivers?? really?
[20:49] <nathan_mercer> its a chicken and egg problem, will get a lot better in Vista timeframe next year
[20:49] <ljbade> im a large geek!
[20:49] * tonyhughes is already a large geek
[20:50] <JAMMAN21110> tony, mines set for life ... coke cringes
[20:50] <freitasm> I want to use my Microsoft Fingerprint reader on Vista!
[20:50] <GZNeoTech> I'm a large geek too!
[20:50] <nathan_mercer> IHVs won't make 64 bit drivers unless there is a 64 bit install base.  Users won't buy 64 bit until there are dirvers, and around and around
[20:50] <ljbade> yeah, can't wait till 32bit dropeed in next 1 or 2 versions of windwos
[20:50] <bradstewart> thats why we are here
[20:50] <tonyhughes> my phone goes off its nut at tuesday 7.55p
[20:50] <freitasm> That's the only thing preventing me going 100% Vista on my desktop (joking).
[20:50] <barf> Apple coined 'fat binaries' when they moved from a 24-bit to 32-bit architechure, having code for both in a single binary
[20:50] <tonyhughes> leisa spazzes out
[20:50] <bradstewart> mine goes off at 7.50
[20:50] <nathan_mercer> 32bit is dropped after Longhorn
[20:50] <ljbade> yes!
[20:50] <barf> seems a step backware to have seperate drivers!
[20:50] <barf> backware*
[20:50] <barf> where is d.. there
[20:50] <bradstewart> tell them to drop legacy support as well
[20:51] <freitasm> Nathan... Exchange 2007. I know there'll be a 32 bit version, but no support. Is this right?
[20:51] <bradstewart> do the os x thing
[20:51] <nathan_mercer> correct
[20:51] <freitasm> Or do I know wrong?
[20:51] * tonyhughes sets mode: +v ljbade
[20:51] * JAMMAN21110 is now known as JAMMAN_away
[20:51] <freitasm> Ok, will this 32bit be in the RTM as well or just the beta?
[20:51] 3*** Joins : chiefie (*!* -- (Operator Status: Un-identified)
[20:51] <nathan_mercer> E12 there will be 32 bit betas and also of RTM, but only X64 will be supported in production
[20:51] <ljbade> thansk i always enjoy my +V's
[20:51] * tonyhughes sets mode: +o chiefie
[20:51] <GZNeoTech> might start seeing some real advances in PCs. and perhaps better stability
[20:51] <nathan_mercer> whereas Longhorn +1 we won't even do x86 binaries at this stage
[20:51] <Fraktul> you really wonder how much actual coding difference there is for simple compliance
[20:52] * tonyhughes sets mode: +redbull #geekzone
[20:52] <chiefie> Hmm this MCE PC i'm one has weird inteminent internet connection. weird.
[20:52] * bradstewart grows wngs
[20:52] <freitasm> Hmmm. I want to upgrade my Exchange 2003 SP2 to Exchange 2007, for a very good reason. But I don't have a 64bit machine - actually I run my Exchange on a Virtual Server client.
[20:52] <Fraktul> i mean proformance increases sure i can see coder time needed, but plug in 32 bit c++ to gcc and ask for 64 bit code...
[20:52] <ljbade> y was that new BIOS boot sutff dropped from Vista ( was it to make it harder to dual boot vista on a MacIntel)
[20:52] <chiefie> ok. i think i missed Nathan's reply if he did replied.
[20:52] <chiefie> with more than 3 pcs, with high potential to use Vista and Office 2007 and SBS 2003 R2
[20:52] * chiefie would like to ask Nathan, how can one be qualify to get Open Value license, mainly for home
[20:52] <Fraktul> that shoulod be all thats needed for simple compliance
[20:52] <freitasm> Chiefie, read the transcripts later...
[20:52] <tonyhughes> I am not convinced about 64bit while there is a boatload of 32bit hardware around performing well at cheap prices
[20:52] <freitasm> Hmmm. Good question
[20:52] <chiefie> ok. cool :D
[20:52] <barf> nathan_mercer: new Apple programmes have code for PPC and Intel architechtures in a single binary, i should think MS can do the same?
[20:52] 3*** Joins : geekzone_guest (*!*
[20:52] <Cokebot> [Geekzone_guest]: Welcome to #geekzone. Please use "/nick yournickname" to change your nickname.
[20:53] <tonyhughes> is it really necessary for a desktop
[20:53] <ljbade> hello brendon
[20:53] <tonyhughes> even a geeky desktop at that?
[20:53] <geekzone_guest> hello
[20:53] <Cokebot> Morning
[20:53] <tonyhughes> hey GG
[20:53] <geekzone_guest> so wats happening on here
[20:53] <ljbade> welcome to GZ bredon
[20:53] * ljbade GG's name is brendon
[20:53] <nathan_mercer> tony, you won't have a choice soon.  Intel and AMD will phased out 32 bit, but that is the beaty of X64, you can continue running 32bit OS, software, drivers etc on your X64 hardware :)
[20:54] <tonyhughes> sweet
[20:54] <GZNeoTech> handy
[20:54] <bradstewart> 64 is the way to go
[20:54] <tonyhughes> i will move to 64bit on a price/availability basis
[20:54] <tonyhughes> when its cheaper to
[20:54] <freitasm> Nathan, the chat is logged until 20:59 only, so please answer any pending questions by then... Thanks!
[20:54] <GZNeoTech> old customers are hard to convince
[20:54] <ljbade> brendon, geek stuff
[20:54] <tonyhughes> or when i *have* to
[20:54] <nathan_mercer> chiefie, I'm not a licensing guy, bundle up all your questions and email them to me and I will get a licensing expert to find out
[20:54] <bradstewart> tony do you not alrady have a 64 cpu?
[20:54] <chiefie> i like how Apple does away with .APP "self sufficient application folder"
[20:55] <chiefie> @ Nathan, cheers i will ready the questions.
[20:55] <GZNeoTech> busy night
[20:55] <geekzone_guest> and thats made alot of sence
[20:55] <ljbade> brendon type "/nick brendon" sans quotes
[20:55] <Fraktul> personally i can see no compelling reason to move unless what you want to do with your pc shows a significant price/profomance increase much like any other hardware upgrade or software upgrade
[20:55] <chiefie> files problem with single folder application.
[20:55] * chiefie thinks may be in later stage, MS could look at tidying up the whole application/folders/ophan
[20:55] * tonyhughes has an athlon 2800+ OCd to 3500+ or thereabouts
[20:55] <geekzone_guest> yip and how do i do tha
[20:55] <tonyhughes> 32bit
[20:56] <bradstewart> ahhhh
[20:56] <ljbade> type it ini
[20:56] <GZNeoTech> I guess my little mini ITX box is heading for the bin :(
[20:56] * geekzone_guest is now known as brendon
[20:56] <brendon> ohh
[20:56] <ljbade> yay!
[20:56] <nathan_mercer> fraktul: its a simple cost, value, risk/return equation, and if it doesn't stack up then don't touch it!
[20:56] <tonyhughes> sweet
[20:56] <tonyhughes> well done
[20:56] <GZNeoTech> there he is
[20:56] <brendon> it worked lol
[20:56] * bradstewart sets mode: +v brendon
[20:57] <brendon> im new to all this tsuff
[20:57] <Fraktul> nathan_mercer: exactly, the same thing goes with VoIP
[20:57] <chiefie> Windows XP for 32bit compatible, perhaps 16bit Win95 and DOS for classic DOS games.
[20:57] * chiefie thinks 64bit will benefit largly, imagine running virtual servers (if free?) with Virtual
[20:57] <tonyhughes> where are you from brendon?
[20:57] <bradstewart> lol your nnot the only one
[20:57] <Fraktul> i tell businesses that all the time
[20:57] <ljbade> IRC is the underground community only geesk know about
[20:57] <chiefie> i like to see the future use of CPU's virtualisation.
[20:57] <barf> chiefie: dosbox is great for running classic DOS games ;-)
[20:57] <brendon> paraparaumu
[20:57] <bradstewart> dosbox is great
[20:57] <ljbade> *geeks
[20:57] <bradstewart> but it doesnt run well on vista
[20:57] <nathan_mercer> Intel VT is out and shipping now, AMD V is shipping in a few months
[20:57] <bradstewart> very slow....
[20:58] <chiefie> @barf, yup i tried that! i got Wing Commander Privateer waiting for me to try that... :D
[20:58] <brendon> go visttaa
[20:58] <nathan_mercer> CPU hardware assisted virtualisation that is
[20:58] <Fraktul> people get caught up with technology for the sake of it and really its just like any other business decision
[20:58] <barf> cool :) i went on a space quest binge a while back
[20:58] <tonyhughes> SQ... nice
[20:58] <ljbade> a chick on Amazing race jsut peed her pants!
[20:58] <bradstewart> hmmmmm
[20:58] <tonyhughes> w00t!
[20:58] <GZNeoTech> eeww
[20:59] <Cokemaster> lol
[20:59] <chiefie> @ljbade. is Amazing Race back on?
[20:59] <ljbade> yip
[20:59] <ljbade> 2 hr special on @
[20:59] <ljbade> 2
[20:59] <chiefie> fresh new season? start today?
[20:59] * tonyhughes hates amazing race
[20:59] <ljbade> yip
[20:59] * bradstewart says me too
[20:59] <GZNeoTech> never watch it
[20:59] <tonyhughes> its a stupid implementation of a brilliant idea
[20:59] * chiefie turns on TV
[20:59] <freitasm> Folks, this is the end of the official Geekzone Weekly Chat (the recording, that is). Please continue talking, while Tony coses the log!
[20:59] * tonyhughes coses the log
[20:59] <bradstewart> coses?
[20:59] <freitasm> Thanks all for your participation tonight :-)
[20:59] <GZNeoTech> coses?
[20:59] <freitasm> *close*