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<freitasm> Good night all, and thanks for joining us tonight in the Geekzone Weekly Chat. Tonight we will not have Tony and Cokemaster with us, but everyone else are welcome to talk about them.
<freitasm> The plans for the Geekzone 2006 are coming along nicely, we already have one of the speakers, a tentative venue, a tentative entertainment and some other stuff. We will keep you all posted.
<freitasm> For more information, please check this blog: All updates will be posted there.
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<freitasm> I would like to start this chat tonight talking about hosting. Some of you know Geekzone is hosted with ICONZ in Auckland. I usually don't give "free" advertising in form of a plug, but this one is too much. you may remember that last month we had 2 or 3 DDoS attacks, and the Geekzone server was actually disconnected for hours, to prevent overloading their gateway - the server was just doing nicely... Now comes the bad news: they are charging me $6700 this month on "traffic". My first move was to transfer all images to a hosted service in the USA with a higher allowance *and cheaper*. Now I am waiting for them to tell me exactly what is being charged. Please tell us your bad and good experiences with hosting companies in New Zealand.
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<JAMMAN2110> they...?
<freitasm> ICONZ called me at 5pm to say they are still investigating.
<freitasm> I think they decided to charge all DDoS traffic.
<JAMMAN2110> :o
<JAMMAN2110> bad move
<freitasm> But $6700 is a lot and I am not in a mood for that.
<JAMMAN2110> wait charge as in charge you for it?
<freitasm> Yes, it's on the invoice.
<JAMMAN2110> ouch
<JAMMAN2110> that is just not right
<freitasm> I ran the loganalyzer and the number of pages served is the same as May, and the number of requests is similar. There's no way the traffic was higher than normal.
<freitasm> So let's see what happens tomorrow.
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<JAMMAN2110> hiya brad
<freitasm> Hello Brad
<bradstewart> wot the????
<JAMMAN2110> keep us posted ;)
<JAMMAN2110> I blame ljbade
<JAMMAN2110> he changed cokes today
<bradstewart> points for effort here.....i just drove 70Km to a cybercafe in wanaka to be here tonight
<freitasm> If you liked the Maori Party speech in Parliament, you should read what US Senators say about "the Internet":
<JAMMAN2110> nice
<JAMMAN2110> LOL yeah I read that
<JAMMAN2110> tubes huh
<freitasm> Good one! Wanaka. Nice stuff Brad... cold there, uh?
<bradstewart> yeah a little bit
<bradstewart> went skiing today
<bradstewart> brilliant day
<alasta> I haven't been to Wanaka for about three years. Last time I was there it was starting to get a bit too commercialised.
<JAMMAN2110> crash?
<alasta> Kind of like Queenstown.
<bradstewart> nah nothing like queenstown
<bradstewart> wanaka is awesome
<bradstewart> i hate queenstown
<freitasm> Cool! I went to Wanaka in July 2004, then drove to Queenstown from there. Really nice place.
<bradstewart> i lived here for a year after i finished high school
<alasta> I hate Queenstown too. Everything there is so expensive and if you're not into the 'adventure' activities, there's really very little to do.
<freitasm> How is living there?
<bradstewart> a little expensive
<bradstewart> but such a laid back town
<bradstewart> except over new years and the ski season
<alasta> And the Easter Airshow!
<bradstewart> yeah but thats only every 2nd year luckily
<freitasm> World Famous... In the world
<alasta> I was there for Warbirds one year and we had several power cuts because the local electricity lines couldn't handle the number of people in town.
<bradstewart> haha really
<JAMMAN2110> now thats interesting
<bradstewart> is our broadband run by the power companies?
<freitasm> This week I spent about 10 to 12 hours to rebuild my Tablet PC. Vista was bit too buggy for a machine I wanted to have with me. I couldn't connect to some hotspots in Sydney...
<bradstewart> oh gutted. have you tried 5456 mauricio?
<JAMMAN2110> brad, noting would sprise me
<freitasm> Yep.
<JAMMAN2110> I wont be using vista at home .... for a long long time
<freitasm> Two installs in the same week. Fixed the wireless LAN problems, introduced others - including copying files from folders bigger than a few GB would fail. I couldn't copy My Documents to the laptop!
<freitasm> So I decided to leave testing for.... testers! Iam back on Windows XP Pro Tablet PC, and boy fresh installs are nice. FAST!!!
<JAMMAN2110> :)
<bradstewart> hmmmm. the only bug ive found so far is that sometimes after the UAC pops up then the background windows will lose its toolbar and border
<bradstewart> lol, i cant stand xp now
<bradstewart> i love the vista bugs. must be the tester in me
<freitasm> I installed 5456 and a lot of things were in strange characters. I raised a bug and got a comment that it was a localisation test gone wrong...
<alasta> Is the user interface in Vista a bit tidier?
<alasta> Tidier than XP I mean.
<freitasm> I also couldn't update Office 2003 with the latest security patches, raised the bug - and in a couple of hours got a reply "Known problem".
<bradstewart> yeah quite a bit
<freitasm> Yes, it looks ok-ish.
<bradstewart> haha typical support relpy
<freitasm> At least it was a fast reply.
<alasta> Because, when you think about it, the user interface in XP isn't really any different from Windows 95.
<freitasm> The UI on XP is ok, but the Theme (Luna), gosh that's horrible. Large round buttons with terrible blue everywhere...
<bradstewart> i find vista to be a ot more intuitive than previous ersions
<bradstewart> i replaced luna with royale
<freitasm> Yes, I have Royale here and use it - tried to download yesterday, it doesn't exist anymore. Lucky I had a copy in the New Programs folder.
<bradstewart> much nicer look
<freitasm> First thing to do on a new XP install.
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<bradstewart> it can still be found on the MS NZ site
<bradstewart> lol my first to do thing as well
<freitasm> ... Nope. I searched for it, and found Bliss only.
<Jp9> evennoon all
<freitasm> But I found the NZ Wallpapers, and some pictures are nice...
<JAMMAN2110> morning
<freitasm> Hello there!
<Jp9> small group today
<alasta> I don't think the chat was really promoted this week.
<freitasm> No announcement of meeting. Only the "in the know" group I think.
<freitasm> Just to know how many really look at this,
<JAMMAN2110> woohoo were in the know! :D
<bradstewart> anyway, what have i missed over the last couple of days? just checking the GZ site for activity
<Jp9> lol, ie: the ones that put it in their calanders for weekly remind. ;p
<freitasm> I will replay the welcome messages:
<freitasm> <freitasm> The plans for the Geekzone 2006 are coming along nicely, we already have one of the speakers, a tentative venue, a tentative entertainment and some other stuff. We will keep you all posted.
<freitasm> <freitasm> For more information, please check this blog: All updates will be posted there.
<freitasm> This week I will work on SWAG!
<JAMMAN2110> MF, link bad with the . at the end
<bradstewart> swag!!!
<bradstewart> the whole point of going...
<freitasm> Exactly.
<alasta> What is swag?
<freitasm> "Stuff We All Get"... The freebies you get in conferences...
<freitasm> Like "swag bag"
<bradstewart> tshirts?
<freitasm> This kind of stuff.
<bradstewart> coffee mugs
<alasta> Ahhh. Like at the ICANN conference where I got a foreign wall socket adaptor.
<freitasm> Very thoughtful
<alasta> I'm sure that will come in handy one day.
<bradstewart> number plate thingees
<bradstewart> usb drives
<freitasm> I thought of VoIP headsets, but they don't have in NZ.
<freitasm> Bummer
<JAMMAN2110> they dont? ouch
<freitasm> There are lots of things that can be branded... I will be looking at those a full day later.
<freitasm> Yes, those mono headsets, retractable, with mic - sometimes you see them with "Skype" branding. I got a couple in the USA.
<alasta> I'm just looking around my desk and I seem to have misplaced last year's Geekzone pen!
<freitasm> Send me your address.
<freitasm> Who needs a Geekzone pen? Please email me with address for one or two pens.
<Jp9> ps: if you do pens they have to flash. wouldn't be geek without the flashing led
<bradstewart> MF do have a fee thousand of them still lying round?
<bradstewart> rew*
<freitasm> I have about 100 I think.
<bradstewart> few*
<bradstewart> damn crappy cheap keybords
<JAMMAN2110> ooh nice
<freitasm> These are not the rollerball ones, but felt tip.
<alasta> Well if anyone needs a keyring, my workplace has a few thousand left over from the ICANN conference.
<JAMMAN2110> I only have one left
<JAMMAN2110> Im good
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<freitasm> So yes, pens, coffee mugs, tshirts, USB drives, headsets, this kind of stuff.
<ljbade> hello
<freitasm> Hi there.
<JAMMAN2110> mmm nice
<JAMMAN2110> I want a t-shirt lol
<ljbade> i missed the topic... what is it?
<freitasm> Free for now. Talking about the Geekzone 2006 event later in the year.
<ljbade> ok
<ljbade> where is it going to be
<freitasm> One of the speakers will talk about Media Center. And we are planning to have a XBO 360 for people to play during drinks - on the big screen.
<freitasm> A cinema.
<freitasm> That's a big screen for a XBOX game :)
<bradstewart> WOOT!!!
<ljbade> mmmmmm big screen.... whos up for halo?
<freitasm> So, after the speakers, we will have the movie, drinks, game, continue drinking, then dinner.
<ljbade> will the sound be in 5.1 dolby?
<freitasm> I hope so. We will plug into the cinema's system.
<alasta> And if anyone wants to party into the night afterwards, join me if you dare.
<ljbade> nice
* JAMMAN2110 nods at alasta
<alasta> Boogie Wonderland and Club K, here we come.
<bradstewart> hmmmm i might take it easy on the drinks.... have to drive all the way back to dunedin the next morning. not fun when hungover
<freitasm> I've never been to Boogie, but Cerocers have discounts there.
<ljbade> the best xbox experience was a 16 halo deathmatch, but that was on a normal screen
<alasta> Boogie Wonderland is good, but the music gets a bit repetitive after you've been a few times. I really miss the Fat Lady's Arms.
<Chirs> lol i'm afraid you should consider that your 2nd to best experience, ljbade
<ljbade> yeah
<alasta> Drinking just isn't the same unless you're singing along to Summer of 69 and Livin on a Prayer.
<ljbade> not many ppl here tonight...
<freitasm> I've been to Fat Ladies Arms once only... Manly to the other side of Courtenay. But we haven't been out dancing for years now. I have to go back to Ceroc later.
<alasta> The nightlife in Wellington isn't really that good. Too many small cramped bars with crappy music.
<alasta> Christchurch and Nelson are much better.
<alasta> Although Christchurch people are snobby.
<freitasm> WE had our wedding pictures taken at The Grand, during the day. Really nice place. Shame they changed into "Shooters"
<ljbade> bloody usb devices keep pinging, install the bloody driver windows com eon....
<alasta> Hehe. One of my mates almost started a riot at The Grand once. Shooters is okay for after work drinks, but the music deteriorates later in the evening.
<alasta> I think they have $3 handles after work.
<freitasm> Never been there after the change.
<alasta> Shooters is everywhere now. Christchurch, Queenstown, Wanaka.
<alasta> I kind of prefer to go to bars with a bit more local culture.
<freitasm> A bit more culture for a start :)
<bradstewart> paddys in wanaka
<bradstewart> although it has a new name now
<freitasm> Who here uses a PDA or phone with mini USB charge/sync? I think I have a minisync cable here to giveaway!
<JAMMAN2110> I dont :(
<bradstewart> what phones do use that?
<alasta> My 6630 uses the stupid POP-port thingy.
<freitasm> Pocket PC, Palm Treo
<freitasm> Smartphones
<JAMMAN2110> Pop-ports are shockingly bad quality
<freitasm> No one?
<freitasm> Ok...
<freitasm> What else I have here...
<alasta> The Pop-port feels solid when you connect and disconnect stuff, but the pins look a bit fragile.
<Jp9> think mins the mini. uses the 5pin mini usb. same as the psp's etc
<JAMMAN2110> the pins on mine have actully ground each other down
<ljbade> that MS guy aint on tonight... pity...
<freitasm> Nathan? Why?
<ljbade> nothing really
<freitasm> C'mon... Maybe I can help. Microsoft is running an internal meeting, in Queenstown. Today and tomorrow.
<freitasm> All employees are there.
<ljbade> dont bother not important
<bradstewart> we are all experts here
<freitasm> Ok
<freitasm> Brad, I've sent an email to you about the image hosting - different URL path for the images from now on.
<ljbade> so JAMMAN2110, did ever get round to calling your isp?
<bradstewart> yeah i got that thanks
<JAMMAN2110> Yes I did
<bradstewart> so many emails!!
<ljbade> i am still waiting
<JAMMAN2110> it is after hours
<ljbade> i bet $5 you didnt ring them :-P
<freitasm> !beer everyone
<geekbot> Hang on, let me check the fridge....
<JAMMAN2110> "Incident: 060704-001352"
<geekbot> Hey everyone - heres a cold beer, courtesy of freitasm
<JAMMAN2110> that is all i have to say on the topic ljbade
<ljbade> wotever you made that up
<bradstewart> cheers!
<ljbade> argh, that pi-ding sound when you plub usb stuff in keeps going off every 2mins and is really annoying
<freitasm> Wll, you can open Control Panel | Sounds and change it to nothing...
<bradstewart> maybe you shouldnt plub stuff in....
<ljbade> so JAMMAN2110 you with paradise or clear?
<bradstewart> try plugging it in
<JAMMAN2110> <JAMMAN2110> that is all i have to say on the topic ljbade
<bradstewart> hmmm this is the first i have been in here and cokemaster hasnt
<ljbade> i think it is my scanner, i recently pluged it into a power splitter and now windows is going in circles over it
<freitasm> USB devices such as scanners and Pocket PCs should be plugged directly into a USB port - no splits, no HUBs
<ljbade> ok
<Jp9> unless it's a powered usb hub
<ljbade> will try it
<freitasm> That's why external USB HDD have power supply.
<freitasm> Talking about that...
<ljbade> sometimes the 'cannot recoginse device' thing pops up too but my device manager says alls ok hmm....
<freitasm> Windows Mobile doesn't recognise NTFS :(
<alasta> My external hard drive has a cable with two USB connectors so that if one port can't supply enough power then you can plug it into a second port at the same time. :)
<Jp9> usb has a maximum of 500ma (milliamps) per port. hence if you use an un-powered hub you can exceed that quite easily
<JAMMAN2110> no NTFS? ouch
<Jp9> some laptops also have half rated ports which only supply 250ma
<freitasm> I have a Pocket PC with USB Host here. Plugged the camera and it showed it as "Hard Disk"... Then I tried plugging the 1TB Maxtor drive. It flicked the LEDs but didn't show up on the Pocket PC. Probably because it's NTFS. Shame, Could be the first blog about the "1 TB Pocket PC".
<ljbade> looks like have been having a run around from a phiser wanting ppls logins... hmm....
<freitasm> Alasta, my 60GB drive has the same - but the bigger ones need more power.
<freitasm> Hmmm. Laptop USB.
<alasta> I have a 20Gb which I use for backups. Cost me $130 when I bought it early this year, which I thought was a good deal.
<freitasm> I have a Victorinox 512MB USB pocket knife thingy and is not working. Won't recognise on both my desktops and my laptop. Not good.
<JAMMAN2110> no not good
<alasta> Speaking of backups, I want to include my Windows Media Player album art when I back up my music. Does anyone know where this would be stored?
<freitasm> I am tempted in throwing it into the bin tonight.
<bradstewart> 01in the same folder as your music
<ljbade> in the smae folder as the music
<ljbade> its a hidden file
<alasta> Ahhhh. I'll have a closer look.
<JAMMAN2110> not hidden if you unhide them ;) can make pretty good pictures
<freitasm> Yes, open a folder and change the option to show hidden folders and files.
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<JAMMAN2110> I love that option
<freitasm> Also important is to uncheck the "Hide known extensions"...
<Jp9> i always have the hidden files showing.
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<freitasm> You never know if a file is a .txt or .pdf or .jpg or .exe...
<freitasm> Not safe!
<ljbade> i turn it off normally as there is heaps of hidden windows junk that just fills up windows explorer in some folders
<Jp9> or .pif? ;p
<freitasm> or .scr
<alasta> The only hidden file I have in my music folder is .DS_store, and that's only 7kb.
<freitasm> This is an Apple Mac OS file. Have you copied this folder from your iMac?
<alasta> Yes, I did.
<freitasm> It's in the same folder as the albums, if you store each album on a separate folder
<Jp9> or you could name it $sys$ something if you have the sony rootkit. ;p
<freitasm> Second picture
<JAMMAN2110> the album art photos get automatically downloaded when you run media player dont they?
<alasta> Hmmm. I just put a whole lot of music files in one directory and then dragged them into the WMP library. Then I added the album art after that.
<JAMMAN2110> oooh in the big one MF looks like hes getting shot on Doom95
<JAMMAN2110> lol
<ljbade> i see the problem with my usb, my logitec webcam pulls a full 500mA of power, and thats the max a usb port can take, plus printer take extra 2mA and scanner extra 50mA
<alasta> Jamman, yes they do, although it's a manual process in that it present me with a list of potential 'matches' for each song and I have to select which album is appropriate.
<JAMMAN2110> ah pity
<freitasm> Doom95?
<Jp9> i'd almost be surprised if the scanner and printer are only that much.
<Jp9> my 80gb usb drive takes just on 500ma, so when it's the only device i can generally use it just bus powered. :)
<JAMMAN2110> Version of doom that would run on windows 95 and above- really 2d graphics lol
<Jp9> was that the one with the partial up/down viewing? like 5-8 degrees worth?
<freitasm> I know... Just thinking. I used to run Doom on MS DOS. That was good... In GOD mode - never die!
<bradstewart> 01god mode ruled
<JAMMAN2110> lol yeah it was i believe
<JAMMAN2110> god is awesome
<bradstewart> 01i prefer wolf3d however
<JAMMAN2110> god works on UTGOTY as well
<freitasm> I have Doom installed here but haven't played for ages... Oh... Wolf3D. That was nice. With the secret doors inthe red brick walls.
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<JAMMAN2110> mmm doors
<bradstewart> 01yeah. i brought it on cd last year 4 $5
* JAMMAN2110 is going to get a drink one moment
<freitasm> Who remembers "doors" games on BBS?
<bradstewart> 01lol before my time
<Jp9> long time ago
<freitasm> Who rememebers BBS for a start?
<bradstewart> 01lol not me
<freitasm> I first connected to a BBS on a 1200bps line...
<freitasm> When I bought a 28.8Kbps modem - wow that was amazing@
<bradstewart> 01wow, i first connected to net end of '95 on a 14400bps modem
<freitasm> Hmmm. I used DOS and CP/M to connect to BBS. Before Windows came along.
<Jp9> 2400 here. then 14400
<JAMMAN2110> i still have all my old games :)
<bradstewart> 01xtra was our isp beofre making a lot of changes. lycos and magellan and excite were the search engines
<Jp9> do still have an old 1200 laying around here somewhere that i was given tho
<freitasm> Anyone likes playing Counter Strike or Day of Defeat?
<bradstewart> 01im working my way through FEAR
<JAMMAN2110> i use to be on AOL
<JAMMAN2110> ooh FEAR - good?
<bradstewart> 01horrifying
<freitasm> My first ISP was Compuserve - when it was Compuserve, not part of AOL.
<bradstewart> 01so yeah bloody brilliant
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<Jp9> Quake3 UltraFree ( or is it *shrug*)
<Jp9> ahh. and
<freitasm> .
<freitasm> Folks... I will be speaking a few minutes tomorrow at UP (Unlimited Potential), Mike Folley Conference Centre, here in Wellington:
<JAMMAN2110> I loved that mentos coke thing, it was on the late show with david letterman last night - the one with the two guys
<JAMMAN2110> just like the movie
<bradstewart> 01the edge tried the coke thing yeserday
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<geekbot> [ljbade]: Im a bad person ;)
<ljbade> iddchoppers = fun
<freitasm> Live? On Radio?
<JAMMAN2110> i might do some of the coke thing for my leavers present
<JAMMAN2110> wouldnt be as good on radio :(
<bradstewart> 01no but it did sound funny. they made chang swallow menots then drink diet coke!
<ljbade> unpluggin my 500mA webcam seems to have fixed the prob
<ljbade> but now i dont have a spare usb port to plug it into...
<JAMMAN2110> OMG i have to get someone to do that
<bradstewart> 01apparently it seemed as if he exploded
<ljbade> lets see... i have 6 usb devices atm, and only 4 comp ports and a 4 port splitter.... hmmm
<bradstewart> 01hmmm well people i really have to go now. long drove home and gotta get up early to be up mountain in morning
<JAMMAN2110> anyone here wayching house?
<Jp9> 4port splitter is unpowered hub?
<JAMMAN2110> bye bye brad
<ljbade> maybe ill plug the 2 printers and scanner straight into comp, and webcam, k/b and mouse via splitter
<ljbade> unpowered yes
<freitasm> Brad, thanks for coming and joining us
<freitasm> Will speak to you later during the week.
<geekbot> Starting mIRCStats update for #geekzone
<Jp9> unpowerd means you don't want more than 500ma on it
<bradstewart> 01no worries. always a pleasur
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<ljbade> yes so my webcam k/b and mouse should be ok
<bradstewart> 01night
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<ljbade> dont no y windows says webcam draws 500mA thats just stupid
<Jp9> lol, i also try to have mouse + kb direct. the lag is minimal, but i'm sure it's there (whether i imagine it or not)
<Jp9> for gaming that is
<ljbade> all printers and scanners have ac power so they dont draw much via usb
<freitasm> I have a cordless mouse/keyboard but plugged into the PS/2 ports instead - just to save the USB for something more important
<JAMMAN2110> I need a new mobo
<Jp9> true. thinking bout it i've got ps2 kb, usb mouse, mini5pin usb cable (hdd & phone), disc stakka. and umm. think that's it at the moment
<freitasm> I have a Canon scanner here with no external power - 100% USB powered. Needs a lot.
<freitasm> Disc Stakka... I like it. I might get a second one
<JAMMAN2110> disc stakkas are awesome
<JAMMAN2110> I need a bigger dessk for mine lol
<Jp9> i do like them. not cheap, but quite convenient.
<Jp9> wish they were cheaper tho. :(
<JAMMAN2110> i barely use it because its so far form the drive
<freitasm> Rebuilding my Tablet PC was so much easier - just find the disc, and it's there... Imagine having to go through the MSDN folders!
<Jp9> want to sell it? give ya $5 ? ;p
<freitasm> I buy one, but not his... Isn't it the one that's out of warranty?
<freitasm> For something you did?
<Jp9> i'm not too worried if they're out of warranty. as long as they're at least 30-50 cheaper. there's not much that can go wrong with them looking inside
<JAMMAN2110> I opened up mine, very interesting circuitry
<Jp9> not much of it. plus the drive and the carosel itself
<Jp9> not 225 worth for one at any rate
<JAMMAN2110> yeah
<JAMMAN2110> you could easily mod one
<freitasm> JAMMAN, I buy it ;)
* ljbade has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
<JAMMAN2110> personally i would like to put a drive on one
<freitasm> Anyway, I will stop recording the chat now. It's officially over. Thanks everyone!
Session Close: Tue Jul 04 21:03:11 2006