Hi, I got BB like a few weeks and been experimenting with torrent which so many crave about.
I read NZ post and they tend to get 30-100kb/sec.

I have tried and the best I have got was 10kb/sec overall.
Many times I am only getting 5kb/sec.

I am on the Xnet river plan.

Any ideas?
I am using Bit Comet, ports are forwarded to 7550 as in the preference on the software and on the my ADSL router (LinksysWAG54G) linked to laptop via network cable (hard wired).  I have set download unlimited, upload at 20, althou I have tried it as unlimited as well.  From a article UPnP forwarding is off, simulatenous download task number is "5".

I have tested my line speed with a link provided by Xnet tech and its at 1.97Mbit, Telecom is working with it I was advised.  Usually with web I download at 60kb/sec and with download accelerator I get up to 260kb/sec, generally a min of 200kb/sec.