This is a further update to PAP2 & PAP2 NA Devices

These devices are not supported by WorldxChange for a couple of reasons , the major one at present is that there is a possibility of this Model being a counterfeit device.

Please be wary of buying these devices on Trademe as we have discovered a number of these devices have been bought and then they have tried to connect to the VFX network they have serious issues with provisioning and working on the system. There appear to be a number of these being sold on Trademe at present but please be advised we can not take responsibility for connecting these to the network of to their authenticity.

Please if you wish to purchase Linksys devices please do so from reputable sources, this only effects the PAP2 and PAP2-NA products, the authorised unit for use with VFX is the PAP2T.

Any questions on this please do not be afraid to ask

Phil Moore
Operations Manager
WorldxChange Communications