Along with many others, I've had the displeasure of trying to speak to someone at Vodafone regarding my T-Box/Sky Subscription.

I've rang the 0508 888 800 and followed what I believe to be the correct options; 3-Question about my account, 2-Sky Services, 1-Discuss with someone.

Last night, after 45 minutes on hold the phone was answered however I was advised that as I was a former TCL customer she could not access my details and transferred me to the right team.  As you'd imagine they were obviously busy too and I gave up on hold after another 30 minutes.

Today I tried again, listening carefully to every option and could not come up with an alternative set of selections.  After around 20 minutes call was answered and I got the same response - wrong team!  Thankfully (Christa or Crystal) was sat next to someone who could help and within around 5 minutes I got a phone call from Trish who was able to help me with my questions - thank you Trish (please pass this on).

So what's going wrong?  Am I making the wrong selections when ringing the number, is your automated answering service incorrectly configured or is everything correct but you don't have enough CSRs with access and trained to deal with x-TCL customers?