Well, that was a joke.  I figured I'm in the office today why not take my 3G handset and have the cricket running on my mobile, Vodafone seems to have caught up with 3 in Aus who have been offering a similar service with Channel 9 Australia since at least last summer.

I came prepared with a charger (to ensure a maximum viewing experience) and am lucky enough to be based in the middle of the CBD with full reception.

The performance of the streaming was far below par, yes I understand that the maximum bandwidth on my Nokia N73 is circa 384kbps however with the exception of newer HSPA handsets it is at the top end of the handsets available.  Any of the live action was choppy and rubbish, shots without action were fine.

It proved interesting that the rain delay in the cricket resulted in highlights of another game (pre recorded) and performance was vastly superior.

It is a disappointing waste of my money, $2.50 to subscribe plus the charge for the game but I am glad that I didn't pay the $10 for all the games because I doubt I will be using it again.

I wouldn't recommend it to anyone,  some may challenge my expectations but to be fair I wasn't expecting much.