Hi Folks,


I am wondering if anyone in Christchurch (Specifically Hoon Hay / Spreydon area) are having similar problems to what I am experiencing on the VF High Speed Cable internet service. I have been on this for years and upgraded a while back to 100Mb/10Mb/sec access, been overseas for some months, and note over the last few weeks that the speeds and service is generally more flakey and slow non-responsive at times. Seems much worse since I came back,  NZ and international websites can (including stuff and other news sites) hang or be slow, seeing this at various during the day. Rebooting my Docsis 3 cable modem and my LAN/Wifi router to try and get a fix! Speed tests and pings look not too bad, but these are too VF NZ servers. 


Before I go through the pain of calling VF Tech support, keen to know if others are seeing any similar issues on cable service here in Chch.


Wish we had Fibre in our area so I could finally get off Cable!