Hi folks.


Recently I brought a Vodafone HG659 on Trademe. I already use a Huawei SHG1500, and both use the same default gateway IP address.


Im no newbie to modem/routers having used or installed more than 10 of them over the years, but this HG659 no way would connect to my Linux box, or another Linux box, or a Windows machine. What I mean is using its default gateway of which is the same as mine, would not bring up the settings interface as there was no ethernet connection.


Did the usual purge of cache etc on machines to ensure latent settings were not effecting the ethernet interface but even though the router showed interrogation on its Ethernet lights, after many efforts I gave up and the originator graciously offered to give an unconditional refund.


I suggested I send the modem back for him to try again, as years ago I had an obstinate Dlink which would for no apparent reason be flakey, so at least if it did work there would be no total loss.




He has received it, and has proven that it is working by sending me a short video as proof.




Does anyone have any idea what I may have missed in configuring the Huawei?


Oh, I reset the modem as well as restarting computers whilst connected.