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#23053 16-Jun-2008 15:51
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I first signed up to Xnet Fusion in March. With my hardwares I followed recommendations from the certified hardare page and advices from helping forum members. I picked Linksys WRP400 as my router for to its high-end and robust reputation, and Linksys AM300 for its fair reliability and half-bridge ability.

On purchase I have updated the AM300 and WRP400 to their latest firmwares (v 1.19.04 and v 1.00.05 respectively). From the beginning I setup AM300 to run on half-bridge mode (subnet mask, running with DHCP. The AM300 connects to the WRP400, which is set to run on Automatic Configuration DHCP. Soon after connecting the WRP400 for the 1st time, the Voice
provisioning proceeded fine and I was able to use my phone connected to the WRP400 (VoIP).

My phone usage tends to be about 30% local calls and 70% international calls. There are quite a few issues that have been plaguing my VFX service since the beginning. I have phoned Support to report my problems and a support staff member has been actively following up with my problems. We've had constructive email exchanges with my sending of the time-of-fault logs and his screenshots of suggested changes, but since 1st of June I haven't heard anything back to my emails sent. I'm not sure if he has been away, or if he's held up waiting for further instructions from Operations Support (Steven) who had been looking at the logs from their end. I would love to hear from the Xnet team if there has been any progress since our recent correspondence, as I am still experiencing those same problems on my VFX service.

Looking back for records of the ticket number, I found a # 100224 written down, I hope that is the right one, if not I can email you with my account details.

The problems I have experiencing can be summerised into 3 categories, I'm listing them in order of impact / urgence:

1) Disconnection happening within 1 hour, but most frequently occuring in the 10 minute and 30 minute points of each phone call. This applies to both incoming and outgoing calls.

2) Uncertainty in connecting to international destination numbers ("the number you've dialled is not in service"), success requires
repetitive attempts.

3) Loss of outgoing and incoming calling service (happened only twice since commencement my VFX provisioning, both times
resolved by unplugging/replugging my router WRP400 router), in more detail:

 a) Outgoing call will begin normally with a dial tone, but no connecting tone will be heard after destination number is dialled. I
have done a test by calling my mobile phone, and found that the call actually goes through, i.e. the mobile phone rings, but when answered there no voices that can be heard coming from either side).

 b) Incoming call: The calling party will hear a message akin to "the party you're trying to reach is not available" (reported by a friend who'd tried to reach me while experiencing problem (3).

From Steven Malls' side it appears that (1) is an issue with some port traffics behaving funny and not forwarding properly. On suggestions of the helping staff, I borrowed a D-Link modem to try as a temporarily substitution with the AM300. I tried that for a week, while not having made long phone calls to stress-test the line stability in that week, I have only had 1 disconnected call during that period. I reported my findings to the support staff and I have since plugged my AM300 back online, this time
I have decided to try running in normal mode (as opposed to half-bridge mode). Surprisingly calls began dropping more frequently, and more precisely right at the 10 minute mark every time, hence enabling normal mode seem to have made the problem much worse.

Since last night I re-enabled half-bridge mode. I have also changed the Client Lease Time on the AM300 from the original 30 minutes, to 2 hours just for a change. The 1st phone call since the change was this earling morning at 2am from Korea, it was disconnected/terminated at the 10:40 minute mark of the call. I re-initiated the call by calling back to Korea but on this outgoing call I purposely talked longer to test the line, it was able to keep the connection over 1 hour quite unusually. I suspect this
was a one-off as I have not made any other changes to my AM300 settings (apart from the change in Client Lease Time). Prior to
contacting technical support I have also had the occasional phone calls lasting beyond 30 minutes (albeit quite rarely). I will continue to update you with the conditions of my phone call.

I still have faith with Xnet and WorldXChange, I believe it is a problem that can be tackled with patience and hence my staying with Xnet till now despite those problems. Soon after my Fusion was setup I was really keen to arrange the same setup for my parents as they make a lot of international calls (and the occasional internet use). Unfortunately I have had no choice but to delay that idea until I can solve my own problems, since there is an initial investment involved with purchasing good VoIP compatible hardwares. When my friends inquire from me, I always praise the performance of the internet connection but stop short in recommending a full migration to Fusion. My biggest problem now however is facing the continual complaints from my partner whenever she gets disconnected in her calls. She's the one in charge of the telecommunication bills and I've been doing my best to buy time to troubleshoot these problems. Unfortunately it has been quite a while since our problem was first reported and I fear her patience is running out :-S

My impression of our Xnet forum support team has been fantastic, I have good faith that with your expertise we can try out  different configurations and solve those issues speedily.

FYI, I will post my attempted log of call disconnections / termination in my next post:

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  #138412 16-Jun-2008 16:06
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The first column is the time of disconnection, followed by the date, duration, and some descriptions:

12:43pm  18/5    20min    (disconnection)
1:14am    18/5    28min    (disconnection)
1:43am    18/5    29min    (disconnection)
2:13am    18/5    28min   (disconnection)
2:24am    18/5    9min    (disconnection)

12:10am    22/5
1) Could't dial out (no tone/sound could be heard after phone number keyed, the other party receives the call but they too do not hear sound)
2) Could't receive calls (other party hears: "the party you're trying to reach is not available")
The strange behaviour persisted until it was resolved by resetting the router.

9:49pm    22/5    12:39min    (Disconnection)

10:20pm  22/5    5min     (heard a beep tone, followed by disconnection)

1:20am    22/5    13:10min    (Disconnected)

3:28pm    24/5    9min     (Disconnected)

4:32pm    25/5    20:30min    (lost sound from other party, followed by disconnected)

5:33pm    25/5    3:00min     (lost sound from other party, followed by disconnected)

12:33am    28/5    13:20min    (lost sound for 10 seconds, call re-establishes after 10 seconds. Both parties could not hear each other during that approx 10 seconds)

1:12am    29/5               (Couldn't connect to international number in China: "the number you've dialled is not in service")
Resolved after trying for >10 times and it finally went through

2:14am    29/5    50min     (lost sound from other party, followed by disconnected)
2:48am    29/5    30min    (lost sound from other party, followed by disconnected)
3:20am    29/5    29min   (lost sound from other party, followed by disconnected)
4:11am     29/5    79min   (lost sound from other party, followed by disconnected)
(international call to China)

9:19pm    29/5    13:00    (lost sound, followed by disconnection)
(local number)

10:18pm    29/5    4:30    (lost sound, followed by disconnection)
(local number)

1:50am   1/6   3 min    D/C local number
2:46am   1/6   2:50 min     D/C international number to Korea
3:16am   1/6    28:30 min   D/C international number to Korea


[ 11/6 ]
12:12min (duration of the call before disconnection)
4am (the time when when disconnected)

SWITCHED BACK TO AM300 (but on normal mode, not half-bridge mode as used to in the beginning).

[ 13/6 ]
3:33am     (disconnection)

10:10 min
3:45am     (disconnection)

3:55am     (disconnection)

[ 14/6 ]
All with the same local number:

5:30 min
6:29pm     (disconnection)

9:50 min
6:34pm     (disconnection)

9:50 min
6:44pm     (disconnection)

9:50 min
6:57pm     (disconnection)

[ 15/6 ]
6:12pm     (disconnection)
(local number)

ENABLED half-bridge mode once again (as was the configuration in the beginning):

[ 16/6 ]
10:40 min
2:08am     (disconnection)


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  #138423 16-Jun-2008 16:25
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1) Disconnection happening within 1 hour, but most frequently occuring in the 10 minute and 30 minute points of each phone call. This applies to both incoming and outgoing calls.

i experienced this a lot when setting up my mother's NDSL connection. The answer (after various port changes etc etc) was partly because we'd neglected to unplug the Sky Digital modem.

...i dont know the ins and outs, but it seemed to do the trick, if you have SkyDigital disconnect it from the phone jack in the wall and see if it makes a difference to your internet connection.


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  #138590 17-Jun-2008 00:58
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Thank you Stuberto! I'm glad to know it has eliminated your problem and I really appreciate your reply. You must know well how irritating it is to have to re-dial to the other party many times over a conversation. Often it is not possible if you're on a customer service waiting queue (which can be a 20 minute wait quite easily). Or when you are calling utility companies describing a problem then all of a sudden you'll have to start again.

Unfortunately I do not Sky Digital service installed in my unit (I live in an apartment). I notice that my internet connection does not disconnect when my VFX calls do. My internet connection is relatively stable in comparison Surprised

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  #138600 17-Jun-2008 05:46
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Can you PM your details please, the 10 Minutes or multiples of this is an audit of the call not being responded to , the issue and symptoms you are describing looks to be related to a connection issues / firewall / sip alg between the router and wrp400,

Yes I am a employee of WxC (My Profile) ... but I do have my own opinions as well Wink



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  #138684 17-Jun-2008 12:42
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Thank you maverick! What you said makes a lot of sense as they do indeed appear as multiples of ten, while also being quite consistent in the durations before disconnection.

I was at one stage adviced to untick some boxes under an ALG tab in the modem console, but the screenshots sent to me were off the WAG54GP2 model, on my AM300 it didn't appear to have that ALG tab.


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  #138744 17-Jun-2008 15:34
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I got a call from WorldxChange with great suggestions to try out. For my case there seems to be an issue with how AM300 handles traffic after disconnect and reconnections.

Thank you for responding so quickly! Your technical support team is impressive, and that word-of-mouth lives on.

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  #138821 17-Jun-2008 20:48
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Kenshiro: I got a call from WorldxChange with great suggestions to try out. For my case there seems to be an issue with how AM300 handles traffic after disconnect and reconnections.

Thank you for responding so quickly! Your technical support team is impressive, and that word-of-mouth lives on.

Do let us know how you get on, and some info on the suggestions your were given to try. This will be great help to others with the same setup.

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  #138830 17-Jun-2008 21:12
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Do let us know how you get on, and some info on the suggestions your were given to try. This will be great help to others with the same setup.

They analyzed my voice traffic and determined that there were some incorrectly routed data. At this point it is still uncertain as to whether my problem is definitely related to my AM300, but Linksys has been informed about this and would be looking at it. In the mean time the support team have made some temporary changes to my profile on their side and asked me to reset my modem for the new configuration to be applied.

I can't report on any progress yet as I haven't made any phone calls since the reset, but I have faith that its going uphill from here with the support team and Linksys looking closely at it.

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  #385742 29-Sep-2010 09:26
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Kenshiro, I was interested to read your detailed posting on the issues you had, I would be very interested to know of the final solution.
I am also having issues with an AM300 and my suspicion is that they are related to the sip ALG, as there is no way to turn it off, i can't be sure, but to understand the final outcome of your problem would help.

Many thanks in advance


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