I have found in the past that there are some real tech savy cookies out there reading these posts and its knowing this that I ask for their help.

I have two Vodafone Branded 715 phones these are relatively new with video capabilities but its the most simply and anoying thing I need help with.

Without any reason at all the phones loose their ring volume settings on a regular basis. They can go from the 5 bar loud ring down to the super quiet 1 bar setting without the slightest adjustment.

My wifes has a mind of its own that can loose its setting whilst sitting in her bag whilst at work.

We have to constantly go into the setings menu to reset the ring volume in profiles. So its not simply a single key push to reset.

The help desk at vodafone are clueless as is the repair place they refer me to. My wifes was purchased from vodafone online store so could get it sent under warranty. Mine second hand on trade me. So we would have same phone and share accesories.
But same problem would indicate a software Bug to me.

What do you think