Asking here and the VF forums, will see which gives the best answers ;)

Anyway, a friend is looking at deploying an indoor product demonstation kiosk type thing, and has a phone-like device that is basically a speakerphone with 1 button on it. It dials a number that is programmed into it, and when it gets an answer connects the called person with the person standing at the phone, when the called person hangs up, the device disconnects the speaker and the process starts again. oh, it gives up if there is no answer in a certain length of time too.

It needs polarity reversal to work. Using a vodafone line will be good because it will save on the horrid telecom install costs, and its only a short term thing anyway. But I cannot find if the boxes will support polarity reversal. We have played with the box on a pap2t, and with the right options chosen it works beutifully (no ringing sound out the speaker, and disconnects when the called person hangs up) - but that would need a reliable internet connection in the expo area, which is unlikly to be any cheaper then a telecom line (its in building cabling, not telecom cabling thats the showstopper)

So, can it be done?

Also, whats the deal with bestmates on the at home plans? Otherwise is there any hacks to unlock theboxes to let a prepay sim run in them?