I just got one of these phones from Telstra and I have been playing with it all day (thanks striking Wellington bus drivers - day off yay!)

I've got MGmaps + Wellington maps on it working perfectly with the internal GPS, much better than the defult gps stuff that comes with it (and does not take 10 minutes to get a lock either).

What I'm hunting for now is a (probably java) decent pop3 client that will connect to gmail - I'd rather not use the wap to check the mail on the move as it's likely to cause extreme traffic charges, but hopefully a pop3 client would use considerably less traffic.

I'm not looking for anything that does 'push' or even one that checks on a schedule, I am lookin for something that checks only when I want it to. It's a little odd that the phone doesn't seem to come with one and I'm pretty new to dealing with Symbian as a phone OS.

Any recomendations anyone ? I've done some googlemancy but haven't really found anything usefull yet.

Free would be prefered, but don't mind parting with a few bucks for something that does the trick nicely.