Im trying to see if I am the only one with this issue. After an hour on the phone with a 'help' person I got no where and was told that no one can help until Monday.

Trying to watch back qualifying of the V8 Supercars. This ran at 230pm today. EPG has a constant S2020 E03 across all races today. You try to go to the episode that's right and try to play it, as the current race is also E03 it just give the option to play/restart that race.

Second try was through the search function. Search Supercars. Looks like episodes have been correctly classified, qualy 1 is E16, however they say this airs Sunday at 8am so obviously cant view something in the future.

Gen 1 box if that helps.

Does anyone else have Sky Sport on Vodfaone TV and can see if this is an issue their end. Have video of it that I can chuck up on youtube and send link of that helps.