Hey folks, posting here because this was "lost" in a very long discussion.



I'd like to invite any VTV users (Gen1 or Gen2) to try out a visual fast forward/rewind feature that has been asked for by many users.  If you'd like to try it out (it's pretty good), please send @sansom private message with the set top box serial numbers you'd like this feature to be enabled on.  


Note that this doesn't require a software update: the latest update on Gen1 and Gen2 has the required player features, we just need to enable it on your box.


Our ask in return is that you participate in feedback on the feature using a private Geekzone forum we have set up so that we don't confuse Geekzone members who don't have the feature.  We believe it's ready to launch to all users, but want to test it with a larger group and get your feedback on a few things before we do. 



Comments on this feature, as noted, should be made in the private forum you will be invited when requesting the feature for your box.