Hey All,

I've recently moved back home after being away at Uni, where we currently have an XNet 256k (Stream, off the top of my head) plan, capped at $30. Now that I'm back and working, I was considering upgrading to the FS/128k plan (Minus the cap). We had an Orcon FS/128k plan back at my flat at Uni, which was all good.

However, I have some concerns about XNets speeds. We have absolutely abysmal performance at the moment, even at 256k. Pings to the likes of google.co.nz returning in seconds. Speedtests barely scraping in under half of what we should be getting. I know it *used* to be fine, when I was home this time last year we had full 256k/128k (until throttling obviously). I haven't been back long enough to determine if this is just a transient issue or not, but it's terrible. It feels just like dialup, which is really shouldn't, at least for basic web browsing.

I see there are quite a lot of leaving XNet threads around at the moment, so is this a common issue? What do you guys recommend, upgrading to FS or moving ISP (Dont realllly want to do this, was always a bit of a fan but I also expect a reasonable level of performance)?

Of course, it could be my router, but it's been fine before. But here's my stats anyway:

DSL Modulation Mode:        GDMT
DSL Path Mode:            INTERLEAVED
Downstream Rate:        6592 Kbps
Upstream Rate:            160 Kbps
Downstream Margin:        12 db
Upstream Margin:        26 db
Downstream Line Attenuation:    40
Upstream Line Attenuation:    21

I've never been an expert with those, so feel free to call me out there.

I guess it can't hurt to just try out FS/128k and see how it goes?