I have a Dlink Di-524 wireless router and my internet service is TelstraClear.

Lately, my internet got stuff up after 9PM although the connection to modem is always excellent. => So i think some1 has put an internet block on the router.

As I observed I cant partly connect to internet. EG: I cant connect to Fiefox or IE after 9pm. But if there is a download before 9PM, it can still keep going after 9. Or if there is a program connected to internet before 9 like Xfire or Skype. I can still use them.

Another thing I want to ask is about the internet gateway. I have read info about it and and most people say it good for supportting connection and stuff. I wonder why when I connected to internet by wireless, the internet gateway icon appear. But not when I connect to internet by Lan cable through router.