Hello Everyone,

Have Big Time at home and work, and looking for another ISP to switch to and was thinking of switching back to XNET, and was wondering what peoples experiences were with XNET in regards to speed. We are on the edge of the Mt Eden exchange and connect at around 6 Megabits. Do the speeds vary during the time of day, we will be using it primary during work hours.

In order of importance.

Microsoft Update - we get line speed to the Xtra caches and do a lot of traffic to these servers, this is probably the most important speed, what is everyone else getting? Line speed? half line speed?

National speeds - we do a lot of remote support so this is important for us for latency more than bandwidth, but we do push out software from remote as well.

Youtube - any buffering?

Alkami caches - is there one at XNET?

And lastly international speeds, I hear they are good again now.


Also forgot to add we will be pushing backups offsite and plan to use the torrent plan for this to get the 75GB for free for offsite backups, are the torrent plans different from the normal ones in terms of traffic management?