Just received:

"A billing error has today been identified where TelstraClear mobile customers using the TXT-a-park service have been over-charged GST.

TelstraClear has found and fixed the cause of the problem and all customers using TXT-a-park from today will be billed the correct amount. All customers charged extra GST will have their accounts credited any overcharged amount before their next billing cycle, says Steve Jackson, TelstraClear head of consumer sales and marketing products.

"We apologise to our customers for this mistake. We're reviewing our billing processes to ensure we capture any future service offering where, like TXT-a-park, GST has already been charged. Getting this sorted is a priority, and our team of experts will be pulling out all the stops to revise the billing system and ensure that customers are credited on their next bill. We will also be giving affected customers an extra $25 credit."

TXT-a-park charges are passed through to TelstraClear from the supplier and then on-billed to customers. TXT-a-park is the only service treated this way, and GST has mistakenly been applied.

"Only a few TelstraClear customers use TXT-a-park, and these people are being identified and their accounts are being checked back to the start of their mobile service," says Steve Jackson. "We were alerted to the potential problem yesterday, and worked overnight to identify it. We're grateful to the customer who raised it.

"Again, we apologise to our customers for the mistake."