Hi, I am after some underground (in conduit) trishield RG6 for a build that will be connecting to TCL. The build is due to complete in 15-18months but we need to add all the ties from the main build to a B&B annex now so the drive can be completed.

I did try going by the official route but because no account has been tied to the property there is an issue getting TCL to engage, which I totally understand. I also approached my wholesaler and they would need to take a 500m of underground RG6 tri with bonded voice pairs from their supplier, which they were not too happy to do.

So if anyone can help me get 70m would be great, dont mind if its got voice pairs bonded or not as I will be running a couple of underground cat5e's plus a duobond for FTA services.

Obviously in the Welly/Kapiti area.