Hi all,


I only have 3M DSL available until fingers crossed UFB is installed in our area until 12/19


I am not able to stream HD Netflix most of the time so am looking for an upgrade.


I tried Skinny Broadband and that worked when it first started but often comes to a grinding halt, as all of the Spark transmitters are well over a hill or two external antenna made little / no difference.


I did some googling and found http://bluereach.net.nz/coverage.html


I have had a not so present experience with compass so not going there, Waspnet have much better speed and data options compared to Wireless Nation. http://www.waspnet.co.nz/internet-services/wireless-pricing


Has anyone got experience with them?


What are they like in bad weather?


What is the helpdesk like if needed?


Does anyone know where their points of presence in Auckland are?


Looking forward to your feedback