We have until recently had two skype accounts in the family with paid subscriptions giving flat rate world wide calling and skype in numbers for others to call us. The skype in numbers have been great as they can be in any country in which it is convenient for us to receive calls.

However, change is being forced upon us.

One subscriber was away from home visiting friends and was having trouble connecting a mobile phone to the friend's wifi in order to use skype. The friend suggested that they could use one of their laptops and they did so. Big mistake. bye bye skype account. The friend's laptop was associated with a microsoft live account. Our skype account was not and without warning, microsoft associated the skype account with the microsoft live account on the laptop. That is a non-reversible operation and the skype account can now only be accessed by logging in to the friend's microsoft live account. All gone, outstanding paid subscription and all. This is a known issue and there are rumblings about a class action lawsuit in the US but that is not of any help.

We could not even cancel the account because we could not log in to it. Eventually, after hours on-line with skype support, we were able to cancel it. There is no way to get a refund on the un-expired subscription either.

I do not want my skype account and subscription to go the same way so I have decided to cancel it as well.

That leads to the question as to what service I should look for as a replacement. Our requirements are:

Outgoing calls at a flat rate to landlines and 0800 numbers in most of the world.

Landline equivalent numbers for incoming calls. We need one NZ number and one in Europe.

Needs to work on Windows, Linux, Mac OS, IOS and Android. On a PC, it should work as a web based app so we do not need to install software on another person's machine.

We do not need IM or app-app calling as we have switched to Whatsapp for that already.

Any suggestions?