Hi everyone,

I'm playing with an SPA 2102 and trying to get the CPC function to work.

However when I set what should be the appropriate settings in the unit, it doesn't seem to do it.

Current settings are
CPC delay: 2
CPC duration: .6

Have also tried many other combinations of delays and durations, but to no avail.

Quote from the Cisco ATA admin guide says:

Without CPC enabled, reorder tone will is played after a
configurable delay. If CPC is enabled, dial tone will be
played when tip-to-ring voltage is restored Resolution is 1

BUT, when it is enabled (the values are entered), if I dial a number (my mobile for testing), and then hang up on my mobile, I just get the reorder tone, and don't hear the 600ms disconnection as I should.

Any ideas?  (sbiddle?)

I am still running firmware 3.3.6, but reluctant to change, as I've played very quickly with an SPA2102 running the latest firmware and had the same trouble