Is anybody out there using chocolatey?  I've been playing with it for a while, and it's quite neat.

It's a bit like apt-get for windows, built on powershell scripts and nuget repos.  Once installed (which is as easy as pasting a single line into a cmd window) it allows easy install\uninstall\upgrades of "packages" managed through it.

Some popular apps on there already (notepadplusplus, vlc, git, console2, nodeJS, fiddler, etc) so it makes installing and keeping them up to date nice and easy.

The cool thing is you can (apparently, I've yet to try it) create your own personalised packages on somewhere like which have nothing but your favourite programs\apps as dependencies then you could in theory sit down at a foriegn (or rebuilt) machine and with 2 commandline commands trigger the install of all the latest (or close to latest) version of all your favourite programs.

Better yet you can apparently script changes to windows features in said nuget packages so you can even setup your environment as you want it (show extensions in explorer, show hidden files, etc) on a newly built or foreign machine.

I'm hoping to dig more into it, but just something I thought I'd share with y'all (found via herding code podcast :) )