So, I spotted this story on Digg about John Carmack John Carmack which was described as:

id Software development legend John Carmack believes Microsoft is "grasping at straws" in an attempt to get gamers to upgrade to next-gen PC operating system Windows Vista.

OK, Carmack doesn't think there's any need to rush out Vista and DX10 support - yet. That's fair enough though. He's got a business run and plan for, and Vista just isn't there yet in terms of numbers.

What is interesting though is how the Digger picked up the one negative item about Microsoft from the interview with Carmack. All the glowing praise Carmack has for DirectX9, such as:

... DX9 is really quite a good API [application programming interface] level. Even with the D3D [Direct3D] side of things, where I know I have a long history of people thinking I’m antagonistic against it. Microsoft has done a very, very good job of sensibly evolving it at each step--they’re not worried about breaking backwards compatibility--and it’s a pretty clean API. I especially like the work I’m doing on the 360, and it’s probably the best graphics API as far as a sensibly designed thing that I’ve worked with.

... was conveniently omitted. Ditto the fact that Carmack is less than impressed with Sony's development tools, or for that matter, Nintendo.

Guess that's the price you pay for losing the public relations war and becoming the Evil Empire by default.