Hey guys,

My sister made an Xbox account a while ago when she was under the age of 18.  She is now trying to log in as she has a Windows 8 tablet and wants to play games on it.  However, there are new Terms and Conditions that must be accepted before she can do so, and as she was under age apparently a parental account was set up.  Presumably it was either my account or my brothers (as we are both a bit older, more likely mine though), but we have both tried and neither worked.  We therefore have no way to get her logged in, and no way to even find the correct Parental account.  The annoying thing is her account still works for other Windows services. It would appear she is not alone:


The problem is I called Microsoft and they were of no use, he said they couldn't see that sort of information, and even if he could he couldn't disclose it (I told him I had my sister with me if he needed to talk to her, given I am more techie this is often the case).  I have emailed Microsoft 3 times in as many months (using their on-line form) and have not had a reply to any of my queries.  So I will not be wasting my time with that.  

Have any of you got any ideas?  It really shouldn't be this hard.......