OK it's very confusing but a dude by the name of muslix64 has figured out how to get past the AACS encryption in HD-DVD and BluRay discs.

It would be very nice if I didn't have to buy a new monitor for that hi-def videoz stuffz.

A quick breakdown can be found on the main page of http://www.doom9.org/
The interview with muslix64 can be found on Slyck at http://www.slyck.com/story1390.html

A quick preview:

The mainstream media tends to have many labels for you, i.e. hacker, cracker, pirate, etc., in response to your efforts. What would you call yourself and what would you label your efforts?

I'm just an upset customer. My efforts can be called "fair use enforcement"!

What motivated you to help circumvent the content protection scheme associated with HD DVD and Blu-ray?

With the HD-DVD, I wasn't able to play my movie on my non-HDCP HD monitor. Not being able to play a movie that I have paid for, because some executive in Hollywood decided I cannot, made me mad...

After the HD-DVD crack, I realized that things where "unbalanced" by having just one format cracked, so I did Blu-ray too.

Explain how decrypting the device and volume keys are critical to your success. Could you explain the difference between the two?

The device keys, are the keys associated to the player.

The volume key, is the key associated to the movie.

I don't care about device keys. I do care about volume keys, because by using volume keys instead of devices keys, I totally bypass the revocation system. There is no "volume key revocation". There is content revocation, but I really doubt they will ever use it. If you use device keys, they can revoke them. Having the volume key means that you can decrypt title's keys (or CPS Unit key in the case of Blu-ray) and then you can decrypt the media file without problem.

I was shocked to realize the volume key was not protected in memory!
Apologies if I'm behind in this, but ya know - nobody's ever the first.