Hello anyone

- Windows 98 freezes - when trying to access recorded DVD -

I am unable to access any DVD recorded on my cheap Recorder/Player. When the disk is inserted the drive lights blink for a lot longer than normal DVD access, then the PC freezes and will not even respond to Ctl/Alt/Del, requiring a hardware reset to restart.

The recorder automatically formats any disk inserted and I get the same results whether or not the disks are Finalised or have video on them. Pre-recorded DVD's are OK, as are those made on the PC. If running ISObuster when the DVD is inserted I get the following directory structure before a freeze -


I can see the first Sonata and 3 sub-directories under pure Msdos but can only access the Audio one, which shows empty, the others producing Invalid response.

A Google search suggests the above format has caused problems for some Mac users but can find nothing relating to Windows. I assume it’s a disk or file format incompatibility but it would be nice to find a fix so I can put these disks in my computer.

Any suggestions?