Hey all,

I run SBS2011 at home, along with 2012R2 as a member server (file storage), and I want to change things around a bit.  Whilst I can install and manage the SBS2011, Server 2012R2 side, and am OK with the AD side, I will need some help with an upgrade covering domain servers and Exchange.  Basically want I want to do is:

* Change 2012R2 to be the domain controller
* Change SBS2011 to Exchange 2013 on 2012R2
* Remove the SBS2011 connector on some of the PC's and change to the 2012R2 one (for client computer backups)
* Move some other servers (VM's) which are members of the current domain (do they need to move? can the domain be 'migrated'?)

Running Exchange 2013 in a VM is fine as the 2012R2 server has 32GB of RAM (and SBS2011 is currently a VM on the same machine), unless there is recommendation not to?

I have DNS and DHCP running on SBS2011 as well.

So what I am after is a fellow geekzone-er who wouldn't mind helping me out with such an upgrade, preferably in person.  Payment will be in form of pizza and beer and the warm fuzzy feeling of helping out a fellow geekzone member.

Any takers?