Ok, this is killing me.

I have a Vista Home Premium install in a gigbit M/B with a 100Mbit Nvidia Nic and a Marvell Gbit NIC. I have the PC wired with good cable to a Netgear GS605 switch via the Marvell controller to my Windows home Server, which has an ASUS MB and an Intel Gigabit NIC. My transfer rate is terrible, with long periods of no transer, following by short spikes up to 50-60 Mbits/sec, then nothing. Overall transfer rate is worse than using the 100 MB Nividia NIC (which still has peaks and troughs but generally gets 60-80% of max). I am aware of some of the issues with vista and Media Player, so I have tried killing this process. In no paticular order I have tried a new Sil Image Gigabit Nic in the vista install, updated all the drivers from the home websites,c hanged the flow control settings in both NICs on the WHS and vista machine and tried various files. I know that Homeservers are generally fast so I am sure this is vista. Anyone got any ideas?

Thanks Ivan

Looks Bad