I know I'm a bit slow - but I never saw another machine showing my Skype status before. And I'm sure it used to work.

My wife doesn't worry about status changes - if she doesn't answer she's not available / in. But as an accountant who has no office and works solely over the internet, I set my status to invisible when I go out, when I'm at a webinar and so on. And hopefully I remember to chage it when I'm back.

My wife's been away and left her laptop here, so I took advantage to do some testing. At first I thought the problem must be because I'd installed Skype on my phone. I only use the phone on the net to test website changes, etc. Since I don't have a data plan, I decided to uninstall Skype.

I was quite suprised this morning to find I was still sowing as on-line - even though my laptop Skype was set to invisible. Looking for answers I found quite a few complaints about things like this since MS got involved. I've always found good MS developed products second best or worse - but I didn't expect them to take a product that's worked for years and move it backwards at such a fast rate of knots.

I don't expect anyone here to have a solution - or to know if we can expect things to improve any time soon - but who knows. The folks around here have an amazing knowledge at times so I thought I'd ask. Sadly the most likely thing I'll be seeking is recommendations for an alternative to Skype.