My Girlfriend has a Sony Vaio VGN-CR11 laptop with onboard Bluetooth (The chipset is Toshiba). Late last year she purchased an HTC Titan and we had a whole bunch of issues trying to get the Bluetooth working between the phone and the laptop (The connection was fine, it was issues with tunnelling COM ports and such). Long story short we had to play around with a whole bunch of different settings to get it working, which in the end it did.

She has now sold her Titan and now has a Blackberry Pearl on Vodafone. I tried setting up the bluetooth for this however due to all the setting changes I did to get the Titan working I was having issues getting the Pearl working.

So my bright idea was to uninstall/reinstall all the drivers and start a scratch. After uninstalling/reinstalling the drivers I was still having issues and the next thing I did has really make the situation worse.

I went into Device Manager and deleted the actual Bluetooth device from here, thinking that upon reboot it would detect a new Bluetooth device and let me install new drivers. Thing is, it has seemingly vanished totally. I don't have ANY devices show up with the little (!), and I can't see anything in Device Manager that could be the Bluetooth, even if I show hidden devices.

If I now try and install the Toshiba drivers (The offical Sony ones for the Laptop, or the updated drivers for the device directly from Toshiba), it can't find the device (Just keeps asking me to make sure the device is 'plugged in' and click OK).

There is a utility in the system tray to select which wireless devices to 'Turn On', and Bluetooth as well as B/G wireless are both selected. There is also a physical switch on the laptop for 'Wireless', which I assume is for both Wifi and Bluetooth, and this is on as well (The Laptop is connected to the network by Wifi).

I am basically at a total loss as to how I can fix this, so if anyone has any ideas I would be very keen to hear from you.

The only things I can think of are that a) The device is somehow turned off in software (despite the setting in the Sony System Tray utility as above) or b) Vista thinks the device is actually something else and has installed some generic drivers for it and it hasn't complained.