Hi all,




Not sure I have this in the right forum so please point me to the right one if I have got this wrong :)

I have a Toshiba Satellite laptop (cant remember exact model) and I have been on a mission to speed it up as it has lost a significant amount of performance over the years (its about 5-7 years old), I went as far as re-installing windows and found it worked ok for a while, but now its back to how it was.


When I open resource monitor everything looks fine with the CPU and Memory usually sitting when below maxed-out. One thing I have noticed recently is when firefox is open there is over 100 hard faults per second and the memory is far from maxed-out. After google-ing  what could be causing this I see there are a few others having the same issue with firefox with the common advice being to reset firefox which I have done and had no luck.


Anybody else having this problem with firefox or know if laptops that are a few years old slow down even thought the resource monitor shows everything is fine?