Hi All,


I Run Microsoft Outlook app (part of our Business 365) on Windows 7.


The app & office is fully updated to latest versions.




When i try to search by entering a Name where it says "Search Current Mailbox", i used to get the suggestions and i just selected one of them. But from past few days, i seem to have lost the ability to search by name/email addresses.


What i tried:


1) As per google, to rebuild the index. But that did not make any difference.


2) Repair from control panel. again nothing.


3) Trying to contact our IT Guys didnt help - Firstly got no response for my emails & Text messages i send a week ago. (i did call them but went to voice mail)




Fun part is:


i Had another email address (account) added to my outlook (who just left the company) and when i switch to that persons inbox & use the search function, the search function works as intended. Shows me all the suggestions with email addresses.




i was about to uninstall & reinstall office but when i saw it worked for the 2nd account, seems the problem is not with the app but with account settings.




Any possible solution?


Which part of my account is possessed ?




Another Outlook Issue just started last week Friday (Not sure if this relates in any circumstance but throwing it in here)


I cannot email a certain person (who is from outside organization, but part of same tree)


Error: When Office 365 tried to send your message, the receiving email server outside Office 365 reported an error.


Action Required: Policy violation or System error




Fun part here is that if i use my Outlook on Chrome browser, my emails are successfully delivered to the same person.