Fellow GZers


Just ended up with the "latest" W10 1809 appear on my PC over the weekend. Everything seemed to update as expected, didnt take that long .. done ..


HOWEVER! ... it seems that printing to my little HP M402 has broken in the strangest way .....I am able to print test pages, from notepad/word pad paint/edge/chrome etc etc without issue, but printing from word/excel (office anything), the account program or photoshop all now fail to print. The print job is created and sent to the printer.. it just seems to drop the job. If I pause the queue .. the job appears and sits as expected, it has a valid size and looks ok.


SO rolled back via drive image to last week ... everything works again. All programs print include those that under 1809 do not.


While under 1809 I have installed the latest available M402 driver, have flipped to the universal HP driver too with the same result.Two other user printers (brother and kyocera brands) are not effected and seem to print from everything as expected.
The M402 does not display or record an error in anyway.


Anyone here fallen over this kind issue yet with 1809, got me a little stumped.