Hi there,

I'm encountering a strange issue with some of our
Cisco content is causing IIS to prompt a login box. I'm not quite sure
how to explain it really, it's bizzare and I'm not sure whats caused it
to do that
The authentication method we're using is Integrated authentication.
the Cisco course material is affected, some more than others. I.e. IT
Essentials course content prompts a login box for every single page,
others rarely (if at all)
Other pages such as the download page (and download files), main page, about page etc have no trouble at all
When the login page occurs, if you enter the credentials you have to click Ok about 9 times or so before the box goes away, if you click cancel you've only got to do so 3 times? Sometimes it doesn't matter, other times you see the 401-2 page

I don't believe anything I've changed has caused the webserver to go into
a spin. I've moved the site to PHP and setup custom error pages for
404, 401 and 500.
Can't see how that can affect things (Cisco content btw is Cisco's own provided content, I haven't touched that)

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated Cool

Edit: After numerous guess/checks I managed to get it sorted by creating a test IIS site, dumping a copy of the most problematic Cisco content in there, adding authentication, testing and then seeing what's different. Turns out the root of IIS didn't have the authentication method set as well as enable guest access. Never noticed it before because I didn't think it would matter on the root configuration.

Anyway after clicking Ok, telling it to overwrite the subsequent folders and then removing the guest account from those folders (heh woops, but meh) It seems to be working fine