The problem........up to now when i plug in my digital camera (panasonic DMC FZ7) the microsoft camera and scanner windows opens and i download the photos (win xp)

Now the camera comes up as a removablle disk and the download software does not open.

I have tried all sorts to get it going again including going to properties in the auto play and setting all of them to prompt me for an action and open download wizard.
I have also tried to uninstall and reinstall the driver.
I have gone to Microsoft web site and downloaded a tool to auto fix the tool.

It made this log.

AutoFix [V5.2.3790.67]
Time [2008-09-08 17:24:23]
Microsoft Windows Version [5.1 (Service Pack 3) <2600>]

Test [The Shell Hardware Detection service is running.] - Instance [N/A]:
    Result [AutoStart Setting]: OK
    Result [The Shell Hardware Detection service is running.]: OK

Test [Policies] - Instance [F:\, Drive Type: 2]:
    Result [HKCU\...\Policies!NoDrives]: OK {Absent}
    Result [HKCU\...\Policies!NoDriveAutorun]: OK {Absent}
    Result [HKCU\...\Policies!NoDriveTypeAutorun]: Problems {Present}
    >> Repair << [HKCU\...\Policies!NoDriveTypeAutorun]
      Step: Resetting policy HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer!NoDriveTypeAutorun to 0x000000FB.
      Result: This AutoPlay setting was successfully fixed.

>> Required action: The user must log off and log on again

Bottom line nothng works and the wizard does not open............any ideas please?